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My Post Birth Must Haves

Having a baby was a bit of a shock. People tell you about how little sleep up get in the early days and how hard breast feeding is, but nothing actually prepares you for the intensity of it all! 

To try and prepare you as much as possible I've wrote down my absolute no negation must haves! 

Bigger knickers - You want to size up for these, usually I'm a size 10 and I went up to a size 14. You want to be super comfy after having your baby and these knickers are amazing. Also perfect size for you pads too. 

Lil-Let maternity pads - These are the ones I found were the best. 

Spritz your bits - This felt incredible. I felt a bit sore down there for a few days after the birth. This gave a nice instant relief and kept me feeling fresh. 

Large vests - It was the first night when breast feeding I realised my usual pj tops were no good. So my Mam picked up some large vests for me. Great to just pull down for those middle of the night feeds. 

Bedtime bras - I had no idea I'd need a bra for bed. I actually started to wear these towards the end of my pregnancy. They are super comfy. 

Breast pads - Again, maybe naively I didn't think these would be a necessity but they are. I found these were the best ones, they don't feel like sandpaper and are super absorbent. 

Huge water bottle - Wow breast feeding is thirsty work!! I seem to drink double the amount of water I used to. Especially at night. 

Chocolate - I needed all the snacks in the early days. I feel like no matter how much I ate I was still hungry. 

Cosy Clothes - It does without saying, you want to be as comfortable as possible. 

Post Birth Must Haves 

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