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My Second Trimester in Pregnancy

Thankfully my second trimester has gone better than the first. Much less sickness and slightly more energy. My bump started to grow slowly and I started to feel the baby move. I actually think this has been my favourite time of pregnancy. 

20 Week Scan 

I was slightly late for my 20 week scan as we were in the Caribbean when I was 20 weeks and thankfully it was the week before the NHS changed the rules on partners coming in due to Covid-19 therefore Matty got to attend and see the baby. It was incredible the detail the scan went into and I loved looking at our baby moving around. I really wanted to keep our baby's gender a surprise. When our sonographer said she was going to check between the legs and we were to look away, I was slightly tempted to have a peek to see if I could see anything but I am really glad I didn't. I really can't wait to announce to our family and friends what we have once they have arrived. 

Boy or Girl? 

Are you having a boy or girl? Is a question everyone has asked me and I didn't find out. Throughout my whole adult life I've always said I wouldn't want to know the gender of my baby before it arrived. I imagine it's like going downstairs on Christmas eve opening all your presents so you have nothing to open on the big day itself. 

Have I regretted this? Not really, I talk to my baby and ask it almost everyday if it is my baby boy or baby girl? I'm so excited to meet our baby and find out who it is. 

Although most people have been supportive of my decision, someone did tell me I'll end up with postnatal depression if I don't get the gender I want so I should probably find out as soon as possible to get used to the idea of bringing a boy or girl into the world. 

But I don't mind boy or girl I know this baby will be loved by everyone. 

Books I've Enjoyed 

1. The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill. If you read one book in your pregnancy please make it this! I have found it so insightful and actually taught me so much about pregnancy and birth! 

2. Your Baby, Your Birth by Hollie De Cruz. Since reading Hollie's book I have completed her audio hypobirthing course. This book completely changed my outlook on birth and I am so thankful my friend Sophie recommended me this book. I've been able to enjoy this part of pregnancy knowing my body will be capable of birthing my baby. 

3. The Modern Midwife by Marie Louise. This book is a guide to Pregnancy, birth and beyond. Again I found I learnt a lot from this book and if you're looking for an all round baby book this is a good one for you. 

Running While Pregnant 

Well in all honestly I've hardly ran at all. I couldn't run at all during my first trimester due to sickness. I did run a few miles during this trimester but I found it uncomfortable and I needed a wee as soon as I set off. I didn't run any further than 2 miles. So I decided to just keep my walking up and I'll take up running again once my baby is here and I've fully recovered. 

Being Pregnant In Lockdown 

Being in lockdown has robbed me of a few things I always imagined I'd do during pregnancy. I really wanted to give pregnancy Yoga ago along with swimming. Matty and I had planned on a baby moon to Venice along with a trip to Marbella with my family. Of course I am so thankful that we are all safe and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

But I have been trying to walk a mile a day with Fenton to keep some form of fitness up. I've also been doing Sarah Beth's pregnancy yoga on Youtube. They are only short videos but as someone who used to consider reaching for a pen stretching it is a good place to start. 

Other than the fact I have a growing bump I sometimes forget I'm pregnant then the baby will jump on my bladder and I remember I have a small human growing inside me. 

Now I am in the final stretch of pregnancy I am genuinely so excited to become a Mama. 

My Second Trimester in Pregnancy 

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