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My First Trimester of Pregnancy

Nothing could prepare me for the shock of actually falling pregnant. I think I imaged so much that it would take months that when I saw the 2 lines on the pregnancy test one Monday night I couldn't believe it and started shaking.

I shouted at Matty to come up the stairs, which seemed to take an age. I started to pace around the bedroom and the second he came through the bedroom door I blurted out, "I'm pregnant!!" I then lead him to the bathroom where the test was lying on the floor. I asked him to double check the results but I really didn't need him too as I'd been staring at the 2 blue lines for about 5 minutes before it all sunk in. 

The first 6 weeks of pregnancy were a breeze. I didn't find out until I was 5 weeks and foolishly said to my sister "I can't believe anyone finds the first trimester of pregnancy hard".  And then one Sunday I was struck down with sickness and it is really hard to describe. I couldn't keep water down, some days I couldn't even face getting out of bed let alone eating anything, I just couldn't stop being sick. 

I cried a lot and it was hard to keep our little secret from anyone as I stopped going out with my friends, I didn't go to parkrun (which I didn't even miss on my wedding day), a lot of people guessed and I told the rest of my family on Christmas day. 

We had private scan booked on the 27th of December as Matty was going back to work the following day it would mean he would miss the 12 week scan and I really wanted him to be able to see the baby and give us both peace of mind that everything was ok.   

I went to a friends house for New Year where I threw up in her toilet before going home to spend the rest of the night throwing up. A few days into 2020 I moved back into my parents house with Fenton where they could look after me. 

At 12 weeks I went to the hospital with my Mam to see our baby. It was crazy to see how the baby was moving around so much, yet I could hardly feel it. The baby also kept putting it's hand to it's face. 

I lost a stone and a half, I didn't actually notice how much weight I'd lost till Matty came home from work 2 months later and told me I was like skin and bone. 

The lows of having server sickness were awful, I cried a lot and couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully the sickness got better by week 16 and apart from gagging quite a bit and the odd bad day here and there, I am so much better now and really enjoying the second trimester.  

How I got through my first trimester 

1. Pregnancy Sickness Support charity, they were wonderful and offered so much support.  

2. Lots of sparkling water, I couldn't stomach anything other than sparkling water for weeks.  

3. Percy Pigs. I went through a week or 2 only able to eat Percy pigs and friends. Thankfully they're veggie friendly. 

4. Pregnancy+ app. I loved checking them and see what the baby was up to. 

5. Netflix, I never watched so much tv while I was ill, sometimes it was hard to keep track of shows as I'd have to dart out the room to find the toilet or I was drifting in and out of sleep. 

If you are going through server morning sickness, you are not alone, you're doing an incredible job. Please get in touch with the Pregnancy sickness support charity, they really are amazing. 

My First Trimester of Pregnancy 

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