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KJO's Guide To Vancouver

Firstly, Vancouver blew my mind with beauty! There is nothing I didn’t love about Vancouver. The people are so friendly, the air is so fresh like you’re in a forest but you’re actually in the middle of a city. 

I think we were spoilt by the weather while we were in Vancouver. It didn’t rain till our last day and everyone kept telling us that we’d seen the best of Vancouver, which was fine by me. 

Other than Marbella (Spain) Vancouver is the only other place in the world I could imagine myself living. Luckily with Matty’s work we could live anywhere in the world so we did have a quick google of jobs and running clubs that I could do/join but in reality the only way I would ever move country would be if my family came with me. So Mam, Dad, if you’re reading this. Pack your bags we are moving! 


I’m happy to say that we had not one bad meal in Vancouver. Other than Croatia, Vancouver was the move veggie friendly place I’ve been. I loved how most cafes offered a small waffle with a choice of sides. I always went for a side of maple syrup!! 

Chamber Restaurant, we went there for brunch, the food was SO good as were the cocktails, Matty got one called 'Suffering Bastard'. It really made me chuckle. 

Our hotel The Wedgewood had a really good restaurant called Bacchus we ate there for brunch and dinner and I would really recommend a trip there.

Cafe Medina which was Downtown was my favourite place we had brunch. It was also where I took my first sip of coffee and didn't truly hate it! 

We also had a really good meal at Hawksworth which I would recommend. 


Wedgwood Hotel, as it was our honeymoon, Matty surprised me and booked the Penthouse suite and it was amazing. There was a fire in the room and a bath tub!! The staff were so nice, as you’d expect in the friendliest city outside of Newcastle. The location was fantastic and I’d stay there again. 


There are all your high end shops in Vancouver as well as your USA favourites like Nordstrom and Sephora (Okay so they might just be my faves) the cost for designer goods seemed to be more reasonable than the United States but it was still cheaper to buy them in the UK. Although Canada Goose was slightly cheaper and Matty and I took full advantage of this! 


City Cycle Tours - When I mentioned I was in Vancouver my friend Jane told me to do this tour. Now, I still remember the day I learnt to ride a bike without stabiliser and I still remember how disappointed I was how my Dad had lied to me when I told me he was still holding on to the back of my seat but he’d let go and I was riding freely. Yet since that day I’ve fallen off my bike twice and once was on this tour! 

Despite the fall we had the BEST tour and I one million percent recommend this tour to anyone who is visiting Vancouver, even if you’re just there for one day. This tour gives you the best view of the city from all angles. 

Go and see a Canuks ice hockey game. I absolutely loved the buzz of the game, we drank beers and got really into the spirit. 

KJO's Guide To Vancouver 

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