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KJO's Guide To New York City

At the end of October last year Matty and I set off on our honeymoon. We had an amazing 2 and a half weeks exploring 3 different places, New York, Vancouver and LA. I've had this blog post written but I never got round to posting. 

Here is KJO's guide to NYC! 


Eataly - Flat Iron, Lunch. 

I could have spent all day here. It was a food hall full of all Italian goodness. This is a must do for anyone visiting New York who loves food!  

The River Cafe - Brooklyn, Dinner.

Long time readers might remember my first trip here back in 2015, The River Cafe is in my top 5 restaurants I have ever eaten in and I really wanted to take Matty to experience. When I went this time it was much more busier than last time. The food was exceptional and the service is phamonoal.  You get to dine while looking over Manhattan, which is just magical. Donald Trump actually flew over head while we were there and watching the him land and the police stopping all the cars was incredible to watch.

Booking is essential and it is rather pricey so one to only go to if you have a special occasion. But I think being in New York is a good enough reason. 

The Butchers Daughter - Greenwich Village, Brunch. 

I so wish this restaurant was in Durham, the food was so delicious. It was a vegetarian restaurant and I’d never been to one before. It was great being in a restaurant where I could eat everything on the menu. 

Sarabeth’s - Central Park, Brunch. 

There was a short wait to get seated a Sarabeth’s but it is 100% worth the wait. I'm still dreaming of the Mimosa's. 

Tartinery - Grand Central Station, Lunch. 

While in New York make sure you head to the food hall at Grand Central station. It is right next to the Whispering Gallery. We took a trip to Tartinery and I've been thinking about the food ever since!

Pick A Bagel - Hells Kitchen 

I didn’t get any photos as the bagels were so good! I had a garlic bagel with cheese and egg. It was incredible. Matty and I even thought about going up to get one more to share. But we decided our eyes were bigger than our belly! 


We stayed at the Conrad Midtown, formerly known as The London which is owned by the Hilton. The location was brilliant, only 3 blocks away from Central park and 3 blocks away from Times Square. Our room was a suite with the best bathroom, which sadly I didn't get a picture of. 


One of the most annoying things I find about America is the tax. When you go shopping the price tag you see isn’t what you’ll pay. You need to add the tax on. Which is something to bare in mind when you hit the shops. 

Matty and I went on a day trip to Woodbury common, We took a day trip it is about an hour outside the city, an outlet centre which is very similar to Bicester Village (my favourite shopping place!). We were there all day, from 9am till 4pm and we didn’t even cover half the shops! We did spent quite a lot of money, shopping in Zimmerman, The North Face, Levis, Nike and J Crew. There were so many shops including Gucci and Dior. Defiantly worth a visit if you like shopping just as much as I do.


You could spent a whole year in New York and not do everything, it really is a city for everyone. We managed to cram quite a lot in in 6 days. 

parkrun, naturally my favourite thing to was parkrun. You can check out my run report here. 

One World Trade Centre Observatory, this was amazing, we paid for the priority tickets which cost a few extra $ but was totally worth it as we didn’t hang around in any queues. We also had lunch up there which was delicious. Really worth making an afternoon of it in my opinion.

Empire State Building. After a delicious dinner on Saturday night at The River Cafe in Brooklyn we jumped in a car and made our way back over the Brooklyn bridge up to the Empire State Building, it was just before midnight, there were no queues and seeing the city in lights was just amazing. It really took my breath away. We also upgraded our tickets and went right to the top. 

Chelsea Market. We were far too full after our brunch at The Buchers Daughter to eat anything at Chelsea Market, so when we go back I’ll make sure to be hungry. This trendy part of town is an old warehouse full of delicious venders selling foods from all across the world. 

High Line. This is right next to Chelsea Market so we walked off some of our brunch and took in all the amazing sights and bonus it is free. 

New York Knicks Game. This did cost quite a lot of money but I would 100% do it again. I love anything sport related and after seeing an Eagles game in Newcastle you can read the review here, I was really keen to see a game in New York. I booked the tickets about a month before we went but there were still plenty available at the door. Sadly the Knicks lost to the Sacramento Kings but the atmosphere was amazing. 


Comfy shoes is a must! There is a lot of walking involved in New York City, unless you enjoy sitting in traffic, which I do not!! 

KJO's Guide To New York City 

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