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The Races I Ran in 2019

2019 has been the year I've done the least running. I can put it down to picking up lots of injuries, falling out of love with running a little bit (I think running a marathon sickened me off slightly), getting married and moving house. But I couldn't not write this blog post as I have done in the past. You can see 2017 and 2018

Operation Overload - 75th D-Day Anniversary Run 8th of June Duridge Bay 

This event was held by Saturn Running and I'd never taken part in an event like it before. You run laps, there was a 6.55mile lap at this event and you can run as many laps as you want in the 7 hour time limit. It was an awful wet day, I took part in parkrun before the event even started so I was soaked to the bone before I'd even picked up my number. I managed to struggle round (I had such a bad pain in my knee) two laps to get a half marathon badge on my medal which is one of the best medals I've ever had.  

I'm hoping to take part in another Saturn event in 2020. 

Trail Dog Events Chopwell Woods 5k 16th of June 

I'm sure you all know my little dog Fenton, who is the apple of my eye. I was invited down to take part in a running event with him. Fenton isn't much of a runner so we just took our time jogging/walking round. It was such a fun, family friendly event. There were plenty of water stations for the dogs.

Durham City 10k 25th of July 

I love this run, my home run and only 2 days before my wedding. I still decided to run, despite the majority of people advising me not too incase I fell over and broke a leg. But a wedding wasn't going to stop me. I ran with my good friend Rebecca and we just took it easy, jogging around and looking out to say hello to everyone we knew. I also rewarded myself with 2 rather large glasses of white wine to get the wedding weekend party started. 

Keilder Half Marathon 13th of October

My favourite half marathon and in my opinion the best one in the North East. This was my 4th time taking part in the event. Sadly I was injured, a really bad pain in the right side of my hip which meant I did hardly any training and had to walk the majority of the route. It was also the worst year for the weather. It rained pretty much from mile 6 but the views are just unbeatable. 

Valencia 10k 1st of December 

Ahhh, back to Valencia, the city that make me a marathon runner in 2018! I returned last year to run the 10k, again no training due to the injury in my hip. My main objective of this run was to simply just finish and enjoy a drink at the end, I managed to see my family twice on route (which was amazing as I only saw them once in the marathon) it always gives me a great boost when I see them. I also, by some miracle finished in under an hour. I am still not sure how this was possible, I guess when push came to shove I can pull it out the bag. 

What is the plan for 2020? 

To simply just keep running, I love being outdoors in the fresh air and nothing gives me more of a chance of that than running. I haven't entered any races yet, but there is still time. I'd like to keep up my appearance at my home parkrun. 

Good luck for 2020, I wish you a safe and injury free year. 

The Races I Ran in 2019 

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