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Halloween In New York

Happy Halloween! 

Matty and I are currently on Honeymoon in New York City. We went to the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village and it was incredible. We couldn't really see very much of the parade due to huge crowds but the atmosphere was amazing. 

We watched for a little while before our stomaches decided it was time to move and look for food. So we took a little tour around Greenwich village and the houses were decorated incredibly!

There was music playing everywhere and everyone was dressed up!! 

I felt a little left out in my North Face fleece but it was hard not to get in the spirit. 

While walking down Greenwich Village I managed to convince Matty to head down Perry street, where Carrie Bradshaw lives, at first I had to convince Matty that Carrie was a fictional person as he thought I was quite literally stalking someone!! 

Anyway, after a quick photo we walk past another movie set. 


Not quite, but how amazing is this house?! 

We went to The Spotted Pig for dinner, if you cast your mind back I went in 2015 on a Girls Night Out and I loved it! 

The food was so good, just how I remembered, really glad I managed to take Matty. 

We ended up jumping in a taxi and heading back to our hotel as we were dead on our feet. 

I hope you had a good Halloween!! 

Halloween In New York 

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