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My Wedding Dress

My wedding dress journey started almost a year ago! I've been adamant most of my adult life that when I came to marry my Prince Charming I would not spend a months wages on a dress, oh how wrong I was. 

Although I absolutely love anything fashion related, the one thing I was dreading about the wedding was dress shopping. 

I didn't get the whole shopping for your dress emotion. I found the whole experience a bit of a headache. Especially the second shop I went to, the appointment before me ran 20 minutes late and I was then kicked out of the shop half way through trying dresses on as her next client had arrived. 

After that I was almost ready to just stop shopping and buying something online. 

But my friend told me to go to The Wedding Dress Company in Corbidge and WOW. That changed my opinion on dress shopping all together. 

I picked a few dresses to try and on and I wasn't really fussed by any, they were all lovely but none that I thought 'wow I love this'. I actually can't even remember trying the dress on I bought the first time. It got to the end of my appointment and I got so fed up of looking and My Mam and sister told me that they loved 'Laramie' Blue by Enzoani dress and I said 'ok I'll get it'. My Mam panicked and thought I might have rushed the decision and said I should sleep on it. So I went back on Tuesday and put my deposit down for the dress. 

That was back in October 2018 and I didn't pick my dress up until June. As you aren't allowed to take photo at The Wedding Dress company I forgot what I looked like in the dress. 

Luckily I actually think I liked it more when I went to pick it up than when I bought it. 

I bought a veil, also from The Wedding Dress company that had crystals dotted all over and every now and then they caught the light and looked beautiful. 

I had my dress altered and I wouldn't recommend where I went as the morning of my wedding my Mam had to sew me into the dress as the lady altering the dress had messed up the elastic on the buttons and I wasn't happy how they had changed the lace at the back of the dress. Luckily Elaine (Matty's Mam) is a fantastic dress maker and was on hand with a needle and thread to make on the day alterations! 

My Top Tips 

1. Pick who you take carefully. Taking your whole wedding tribe could be confusing for you, too many opinions flying around. When I chose my wedding dress only, my Gran, Mam and Sister were there. 

2. Speak to other recently married brides on where to shop. Luckily one of my best friends daughters was getting married the week after me and she had been to lots of dress shops and told me where was good and which shops were there for the 'hard sell'

3. Go with an open mind. Don't have too much of an opinion on what you want, have a look online at wedding dresses and getting a few ideas is good but don't go dress shopping thinking you know exactly what you want. Because you have no idea why you might look in the dress. 

4. Take into consideration what your venue is like. You want your dress to compliment your day. 

5. Have a budget. I didn't really have a budget, as I was paying for the dress I didn't really mind on the cost. 

6. Don't leave it too late. I was a bit naive with how hard getting an appointment would be so once you've got your date and venue checked off the next thing I would look for would be your wedding dress. 

I had a lovely first experience at Lanchester Bridal boutique, the dresses sadly wen't my style but I absolutely loved trying the dresses on and chatting to the girls about weddings. I'd recommend any bride in the North East goes there for an appointment. 

To book your wedding dress appointment at The Wedding Dress Company in Corbridge call 01434 634 444. 

Or for an appointment at Lanchester Bridal call 07783689371 

My Wedding Dress

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