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A Few Hours In Dubrovnik

While in Cavtat (read full blog post here) I took a 15 minute taxi ride and snook off to Dubrovnik for a few hours. 

Above is the first view that I got of Dubrovnik and it blew me away. It reminded me of Carcassonne in France, a city within walls. 

It was raining, which is typical as it was my last day. Dressed in jeans, flip flops and a strappy vest top I put on my 'I'm from the North a bit of rain isn't going to put me off' face and I went and explored. 

I wondered around for about 15 minutes before I decided what to do. So walking around the defensive walls of Dubrovnik in the pouring rain seemed like such a good idea. 

It wasn't a great idea and it cost me 200 kuna for the privilege. Although the views were fantastic I got cold and wet. Which in turn made me miserable. After standing under a cafe umbrella whilst on the wall I decided to get off and try and find a jumper or hot chocolate. Anything to warm me up! 

The hot chocolate I ordered was cold and the only jumper I could find was a Polo Ralph Laurent one which was priced at £140, so needless to say that was staying in the shop. 

Although wet, it was warmer walking around so I decided to just get lost, literally walking around and drinking in all the scenery.

There were so many tourist surrounded by these steps, so I took a quick snap and asked my sister what was so special and they are the 'shame steps' from Game of Thrones. 

In fact, a lot of Dubrovnik seemed to be filled with people there for the Game of Thrones experience. I didn't really watch GoT, it's not something I ever really got into, but Dubrovnik was so beautiful I can totally see why any film crew would choose to film there. 

After walking around for a few hours on my own, I got a bit bored. There is only so much sight seeing you can do on your own. 

I'd been recommended to go to 1836 Restaurant and have a Bellini and it did not disappoint. In fact it was the best Bellini I have ever had, and I've had a lot. 

I stayed for two and chips, because, let's be honest, what is better than a cocktail accompanied with chips?

Even if this pigeon decided he wanted to share my chips without permission!! 

Full of cocktails and chips I couldn't leave Dubrovnik behind without having at least one tub of ice cream? Despite the rain, I was still on my holidays. I walked past Poppino's and the queue was out the door, not one to usually wait for food I decided that this must be good and I wasn't disappointed. The Ferrero Rocher flavour was amazing!! 

After two Bellini's, an ice cream and my battery on my phone running low I decided to head back to Cavtat by boat. It only took around 20 minutes and gave me the opportunity to see the coast line. It's just a shame it was still raining! 

I loved my few hours in Dubrovnik, I just wish it wasn't raining!! 

If you are heading to Croatia I recommend you don't make the mistake I made and only take Euros, although some places do accept Euros a lot of places don't so take Kuna. Don't make the mistake I made! 

A Few Hours In Dubrovnik  

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