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The parkrun Alphabet and how I Plan To Run It

Saturday morning at 9am you can usually find me at parkrun. My absolutely favourite part of the week. I have decided to take part in a new challenge involving parkrun, completing the parkrun alphabet. 

Running the parkrun alphabet means you need to run a parkrun beginning with every letter of the alphabet, sounds simple, but it is a world wide task. 

There is currently no 'X' parkrun so if you are thinking of setting one up and want a lot of parkrun enthusiasts maybe try and find a route that you can start with a X! I can almost guarantee you will have flocks of tourists, myself included. 

Our parkrun pilgrimage to where parkrun started, Bushy Park, London. 

My Alphabet so far, 

A, Albert
B, Blackhill, Bushy Park 
C, Cotsford Field
D, Durham, Darlington South Park, 
F, Fulham Palace, Fountains Abbey, 
G, Gibside,
H, Hackworth, Hartlepool, Harrogate, 
M, Mile End, 
N, Newbiggin-by-the-sea
P, Princes park, Prudhoe, Portrush
R, Riverside, Rising Sun,
S, Sedgefield, South Shields, Stewart, Sunderland
W, Whitley Bay,


Just after Fountains Abbey parkrun, Yorkshire. 

Debut of my '50' t-shirt at Princes Park, Liverpool.  

What letters I have left and where I'd like to run them. 

E, Edinburgh.
I, No idea where I'll get this one. 
J, Jersey Farm in St Albans, maybe I could persuade Matty for a trip down there.
K, Keswick. 
L, Livingston, it is over a 2 hour drive from Durham. 
O, Opington, our friends local run down South.
Q, Queens in Northern Ireland. 
T, We are lucky enough to have two runs starting with T in the North East. 
U, No idea where I'll get this one. 
V, Vogire, just South of Edinburgh. 
Y, York.
Z, I'm either going to have to go to Australia, Poland or South Africa for this one. 

So once I've got the T, I'll have reached all the letters in the North East so I'll need to travel further afield. 

Now in all honestly, as much as I would love to travel to Australia to run the letter Z the finances my not be there, so I might just have to wait until one becomes available in the UK. 

For more of my running journey don't forget to follow my running instagram account, @runner_katiejane or if you fancy a parkrun chat you can tweet me @katiejaneonline

The parkrun Alphabet and how I Plan To Run It 

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