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The Races I Ran In 2018

2018 was the highlight of my running career, it was the most miles I'd ever ran in one year and I completed my first marathon which kind of makes me feel like super woman!!  

Here is a round up of all the races I took part in for me to look back in years to come and see just how much of an amazing year 2018 really was. 

Brass Monkey Half Marathon - 14th of January

The second time I have ran Brass Monkey which starts at York Race course. The entry of this race comes out in October and sells out fast. Perfect conditions, a very fresh winters morning. The course is flat, the perfect place for a half marathon pb! Read more about the race click here.

Gibside Night Run - 3rd of February 

The 3.6 mile route around Gibside in the dark around the National Trust ground. You couldn't see much but was good fun and well marshalled. Read more about the race here

Pie & Pea 5k Stockton Trail - 21st of Febuary 

The thing that sticks out in my mind about this run was the mud, my trainers have never been the same since!! A great small local run which ends with a pie although sadly there was no veggie option. Read more about this race here. 

Blyth 10k - 8th of April 

This is a great local race. The route is almost flat, the perfect race if you're chasing a 10k pb. This was the third year I've done this run. It not the most scenic but is worth it. Read more about this race here

Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon - 20th of May 

After months of excitement about this race I was happy to get it over with. It was great to say I'd ran around Liverpool and it was my first 'big city' race outside of the North East. One to do with friends and make a weekend out of it! I found this run difficult, lack of training was to blame. Read more about this race here. 

Blaydon Race - 9th of June

Surely this is the most iconic race the North East puts on? Always on the 9th of June and the route follows the song lyrics. The 5.6 miles is pretty flat with a cracking finish. Pickled onions are also given out at the end!! What is not to love? Read more about the race here

Great North 10K - 8th of July 

The sister run to the Great North Run which is the perfect warm up to the half marathon. It was well supported but the route was a bit strange, went along some industrial estates before running along the Tyne. But the finish at Gateshead Stadium makes it worth it.  

Durham City 10k - 18th July 

The third Durham City 10k with the third different route which I preferred. I absolutely love this race. Takes you through my beloved home city and has one of the best finishes at Durham Cathedral. 

LGBT 5k - 20th of July 

Again I've done this race before. The route takes you around the Town Moor, not the prettiest of routes (watch out of the cow poo!) but it's most certainly the most colourful run I've ever taken part in. The goody bag is also the best I have ever received! 

Great North Run Half Marathon - 9th of September 

I'm going to be honest, I don't really enjoy the Great North Run, I find it really congested, over hyped and the route isn't very scenic. Starting in Newcastle and taking you over to South Shields. I always get asked if I'd do it again, although I'd never say never but I'm not entering the ballot for 2019. Having to wee in a bush absolutely drew the line for me last year, the lack of toilets at the start is ridiculous.  

RAF Spedadam Half Marathon - 16th of September 

The event is put on by Trail Outlaws and this is the first time I'd taken part in one of their events. I absolutely loved it! Totally secluded in the RAF base camp, thankfully I ran with my friend Karen other wise I'd have been totally on my own for most of the time. It was hilly, windy but brilliant. Also they had cherryade as refreshment drinks during the run. 

Kielder Half marathon - 7th of October 

I'm sure you've heard me harp on about this race umpteen times but I really do think that it is the best event in the North East. I've already got my accommodation for 2019 I'm still unsure whether to do the 10k or the half marathon. Read more here

Valencia Marathon - 2nd of December 

My first ever marathon, I'm still so proud of this achievement. It really was the best event I have ever taken part in and I'm eager to do it again in 2019. The supporters, the volunteers, the route, the weather, the atmosphere, it was just incredible. The route is completely flat, very picturesque with regular water stops. Which was great as it got hotter. The race started at half 8 in the morning so it was cool up until my final hour. I 100% recommend Valencia marathon if you're looking for a PB, or a place to do your first marathon this is the one for you. Read more about my experience here

That concludes my round up of races for 2018. It has been a cracking year for my running career, I haven't broken as many times as I would have liked but running for me isn't about getting the fastest time, it is all about the enjoyment and I really enjoy running. Of course the absolute highlight was my marathon, I'm so proud and still start to well up when I think of that achievement. 

What is planned for 2019? 

I haven't got anything booked yet for this year. I'm hoping to do a few races I have never done before and take on a few new challenges. I'd like to do a Hardmoors half marathon and complete all the parkruns in the North East. But we will have to see what this year brings. Follow me on my running instagram @runner_katiejane.

Good luck for 2019, I wish you a safe and injury free year. 

The Races I Ran In 2018

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