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10 Ways Running Has Changed My Life

Today is known as blue Monday, a totally made up term by a marketing company to make January seem even more depressing that it already is. 

But you can easily keep your mind in good spirits by doing a little bit of exercise. This doesn't mean you have to get out and run 5k but just an afternoon stroll in the sunlight will do you the world of good. 

Anyway, I want to tell you this post how running has changed my life. After my marathon in December I took 2 weeks off running to give my body a well deserved rest and it got me thinking how putting my trainers on 3 years ago change me, for the better. 

1. I've made the best friends. It is no secret my running friends are incredible. We support each other through our crazy ambitions to take on new challenges and keep each other company during longs runs. We are there for each other at our highs and lows and my friends are the best thing that has come from my decision to run.  

2. It gives me time away from a screen. While I'm out running it gives me time away from my phone, laptop and tv. It gives me time to think and take in what has happened that day and think things over. 

3. The confidence boost. There is nothing I am more prouder of than completing my marathon which has without a doubt the most challenging thing I have ever done, but has given me the confidence that I can really do anything. 

4. Endorphins are real. My mood is instantly boosted after a run. Yes not every run is wonderful but the any run is better than no run. 

5. I've explored more than ever. Getting out in the great outdoors is a real treat. The races I have taken part in have taken me as far as Spain! But the two that stick in my mind are The Northumberland Half marathon and Hardmoors Roseberry Topping 10k. Views I will never get tired of looking at. 

6. I have strength I never knew I had. I still remember the day I finished my first 5k and thought that was the furthest I'd ever be able to run. How wrong was I? Your body is stronger than you will ever imagine and when your head tell's you to give up your body manages to push on that little bit further! 

7. Saturday morning lie ins are a thing of the past. As parkrun is the thing I look forward to during the week Saturday mornings 

8. It changed my relationship with my body. My body carried me for a marathon and didn't give up. I spent a few years of my life wishing I was thiner and taller but now whenever those thoughts cross my head I tell myself that my body is incredible and I shouldn't want to change it. 

9. Running races gave faith in strangers again. Life makes you cynical! But nothing restores your faith in humans as running a race. Often 100s even 1000s of people line the streets to cheer you on, holding jelly sweets and lollypops. Seeing this never fails to make me smile.  

10. It changed my outlook on food. I've never had the best relationship with food, but once I started running I needed food more than ever as food was fuel and it was important that I got the right fuel. 

My outfit was all bought from intu Metrocentre which has a vast amount of shops that sell active wear so there really is something for everyone and every activity. 

Hat - NY Yankees via Foot Locker 
Vest - Primark 
Jumper - Victoria Secret 
Leggings - Victoria Secret 
Jacket - Primark 
Trainers - Nike via Foot Locker 

10 Ways Running Has Changed My Life 

*This outfit was gifted from intu Metrocentre in exchange for this post. As always my opinions remain my own. 

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