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5 Reasons To Visit Paris

After spending the weekend in Paris back in June I've been day dreaming about going back. 

1. The sights. 

Let's face it, you can't go to Paris and not see the amazing sights. I find the best way to get a good view of all the sights is by doing a bus tour! (Try and grab the front two seats for an even better view!). 

2. The food. 

Paris might be best known as the city of Love which should closely be followed by the city of food! The way to my heart is through my stomach. 

3. The Gardens. 

The gardens in Paris quite simply take your breath away. Take your time strolling through and look at all the wonderful flowers. 

4. The Architecture. 

Don't forget to look up when you're in Paris as it has some of the best buildings in the world. 

5. The shopping. 

Ok, forget shopping at Louis Vuitton (unless you want to queue to get in) but the rest of the shopping is some of the best in the world! 

5 Reasons To Visit Paris 

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