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My Half Marathon Essentials

Come Sunday I'll be running the Great North Run for the second time, it's also my 9th half marathon and I have had so many messages asking questions so I thought I'd give you my essential kit list what I use to ensure my half marathon always goes to plan! 

Flip Flops - Once you've finished all you'll want to do is take your trainers off. Let your feet breath and not be caged up in the trainers they've just ran 13.1 miles in. I've ran a half marathon in the middle of winter in freezing cold temperatures and still put my flip flops on post run! 

Cliff Blocks - I love these blocks for when I'm running a long distance. 3 of these sweets is equivalent to one energy gel. I usually eat 3 while I'm running a half marathon, not at any particular point in the race just when theres a water station and I feel I need a boost. 

Flip Belt - This is my all time favourite bit of kit. It fits my phone, keys, debit card, energy blocks, tissue and hand sanitiser and anything else I may be carrying. Fits around my waist and doesn't move when running. I'm a size 8/10 and mine is a size medium if you're wondering what size you may need. 

Tissue, Hand Sanitiser and Safety Pins - At an event where there's 1000's of people like the GNR, the toilet situation isn't always the best. So tissue and hand sanitiser is most certainly an essential! You need safety pins to ensure your race number is attached to you some way or another. I take spare as there's always someone without. Which reminds me, DO NOT FORGET YOUR RACE NUMBER

Garmin Forerunner 235 - This is my all time favourite, it's easy to use, lightweight and tells me how far I've ran, how long it's taken me to get there and how quickly I'm currently running. If you're going for a time during your half marathon this is perfect to keep you on track. 

Somewhere to Put Your Wet Clothes - During a half marathon you're going to sweat, bucket loads. I recommend you take a full change of clothes, underwear included and make sure you have somewhere to put your wet kit like a carrier bag. 

A Full Change of Clothes - You don't want to make you're way home in sweaty wet kit so I basically just pack a brand new running outfit as my friends and I tend to hit the pub after a big run. 

If the GNR is your first half marathon, good luck, remember to enjoy yourself and don't set off to fast! See you at the end. 

My Half Marathon Essentials 

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