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9 Things People Ask When You Get Engaged

Matty and I may have been engaged for almost 3 months, which now feels like old news but I thought I'd write down a few of the FAQ we got asked when we first told people the news! 

1. "I can't wait to come to your wedding!" 

Which is awkward as they're not on the guest list. 

2. "Have you picked a date?" 

Well seeing as we've been engaged for less than 24 hours, no we haven't.

3. "What is your dress like?" 

Pretty much as the same answer as above, I've never looked at a wedding dress in my life. 

4. "Will you have children straight away?" 

Errrr, we never really know what to say, no, yes, maybe. Let us get married first. 

5. "What is the budget for your big day?" 

We don't even have a budget for the weekly shop! 

6. "Are you going to change your name?" 

Considering I can't spell Matty's surname I'm going to say, I don't know. 

7. "Did he ask for your Dad's permission?" 

Yes, we both still believe in holding onto a little tradition! 

8. "When is the hen do?" 

Ahh lets talk about the fun bit of the actual wedding, (sorry Matty!!) but now the hen do is something I can 100% get onboard with. Emily has some great ideas! And I know I'll have a great time with the girls.

9. "How did he do it?" 

Now I'll be honest, I never thought I'd get sick of telling the long version of the story (which you can read here if you wish), but once I'd told it for (no joke) the billionth time I shortened it to, "we went for a walk on the beach and he got down on one knee!". 

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Ok, so this post was a bit tongue in cheek but I hope it gave you a laugh! 

9 Things People Ask When You Get Engaged 

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