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6 Things I'd Do If I Went Back To California

I've been back from California for a week now and I can't believe where the time has gone, it's left me California dreaming for sure. So here are the things I'd love to do next time I'm back in the golden state! 

1. Head to Los Angeles, of course I want to visit the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame and let's face it, I want to go to Rodeo Drive and see where Pretty Women was filmed. 

2. Visit Alcatraz, as a huge fan of true crime podcasts I've done a lot of research  on Alcatraz. I was deversted when I found out the tours were sold out for the weekend when we would be in San Fransisco. So if you are planning a trip to the foggy city make sure you book your tickets well in advance. 

3. Drink wine in Napa Valley, does anyone remember the line from Sex and the City "If you're tired you take a nap-a, you don't move to Napa". (I did quote that line a few times when we talked to different people about how we wanted to visit there). Anyway I digress, I love wine, I love California, why not drink wine in California?! 

4. Go to Disney Land California, who doesn't love Disney? I remember when I first found out there was a Disneyland in California and I remember thinking I'll probably never go there. Well I've decided I'm going!! 

5. Spend a few days at Yosemite national park. Now I'm not going to lie, this is more Matty than myself. But since relationship is all about compromise I've had to add it to my list. It's the most visited national park in all of America and the photos online look incredible so I'm sure I'll love it once I'm there. 

6. Hit the beach at Half Moon Bay, we tried to go to on our most recent trip but sadly ran out of time. But we'll get there.  

Do you think I've missed anything from my list? Please tell me over on my facebook page

6 Things I'd Do If I Went Back To California 

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