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Our Engagement Story

I'm so excited to write this blog post, I imagine I'll be rereading this one a lot! The story of how we became engaged. 

Matty works away so on Thursday I picked him up from the airport with Fenton and we drove home, Matty started to unpack and my sister came over as she was going out for dinner in South Shields, but little did I know she was dropping the ring off that had been getting resized at Bramwells in Durham. 

Once Emily left Matty went out and got Log Fire Pizza (you guys know how much I love pizza!) and we started to watch the movie 'Life of Brian' I got cosy on the sofa and Matty was trying to convince me for a walk along the beach. 

I persisted so much but reluctantly got ready for a walk, a few of Matty's friends were down amphitheatre watching the live music, so I was under the impression we would take Fenton for a quick run and then head to see them. 

It was such a perfect evening, I took the above photo on my phone as the beach was totally empty and the sun was just setting. (Before Matty dropped to one knee!) 

Matty wanted to walk along the cliffs, but I said that was too far and we'd miss his friends, then he wanted to go along the beach but as I had new trainers on I said no as I didn't want sand in my shoes. After Fenton went on the beach anyway we followed. We were walking along for a little while and I wanted to turn back, there were 3 bits of seaweed on the beach and I said once we get to the last bit of seaweed we're turning back. Matty agreed then gave me a hug and said he brought me down the beach to ask an important question. At this point I seriously thought he was going to ask if we could get the bathrooms done, but then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

I seriously couldn't believe it, I was in total shock! I asked if he was joking then started crying. I hadn't even noticed he was holding a ring. Of course I said yes and he stood back up and placed the ring on the correct finger and it fit perfectly! 

I rang my Dad straight away and when I told him we were getting married he said, I know you are! As Matty had asked for my Dad permission to marry me while we were in Gibraltar. 

Still in shock we began to walk back to The Sanddancer pub where my sister was with her boyfriend and a bottle of Champagne! 

Earlier that day I had my hair done, which I just thought was because we're off to Paris next week and my sister gave me a gel manicure as she told me she wanted to get back into doing nails again, so I just thought 'great free gel manicure!'. But my whole family knew that Thursday would be the day so they wanted me to be looking and feeling my best!

I've been walking on air since and I couldn't be more happier that the man I love has asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. We both feel so blessed. I know this is a bit cliche, but I knew as soon as I met Matty he was the man I wanted to marry. Which is hard to describe but I just knew. 

So if you have any advice on planning a wedding I'm all ears, especially a wedding abroad as we think we'll be getting married in Marbella!! 

Our Engagement Story 

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