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10 Things I'm Excited For This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, despite the fog that has been in South Shields for the last 3 weeks. But here is what I'm looking forward to when Summer actually comes to the North East. 

1. Matty coming home. He is due back from work soon and I can't wait for our Summer adventure to start! 

2. Starting my marathon training. It might sound crazy, that I'm excited to start running a ridiculous amount of miles each week, but I am. 

3. Walks along the beach with Fenton with maybe the odd ice cream spot included too. 

4. Heading to Paris and Dublin. I've been to these cities quite a few times but can't wait to finally go with Matty! 

5. Wearing all the outfits I have planned but I need the warmer weather to come! 

6. Long Summer nights at the pub with my friends. 

7. Taking more photos of my family, I'm never without my camera and during the next few months I want to take more photos of my family rather than just what I'm wearing! 

8. Running parkrun in another Country! With trips this Summer to France, Ireland and USA I'm sure to be able to get one international parkrun done!

 9. Celebrating my Mam's special birthday with my family. 

10. I've got lots of different running events planned this Summer, from the LGBT 5k to Durham 10k, I can't wait to get involved!

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10 Things I'm Excited For This Summer 

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