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March In Photos

While I was at School complaining how long the year took, I spent a lot of my time back then waiting for my birthday or Christmas my Dad said wait till you get older, a month passes like a week. Which is very true. March went over like a whirl wind. But I did have a pretty good month. 

One of the best things about being an avid photo taker like me means I have photos from almost every day throughout the month so at least while the days are flying by I have something to look back on. There are plenty of camera on the market and I'm always on the look out for a new one to add to my collection, Especially at 4k wildlife and sports cameras to take all the photos of the wildlife my parents get in their garden and some fabulous photos of my running events. 

Matty was home from work, which means we try and squeeze as much activity as possible in the space of 4 weeks. 

We had dinner at Finbarr's in Durham, Mother's day in York, went to see Into The Wood's at Tyne theatre, tried my first Escape room at The Escape Key in Newcastle, went to Colman's seafood temple in South Shields for a birthday celebration, had a get together with my best friends at Peace and Loaf in Jesmond, visited Biscester Village for the first time, took a trip to the Duck & Waffle, drank Champagne at the top of the Gherkin, had a brilliant ski holiday in Val 'disere, went to the opening of Hotel Indigo and had a great Easter bank holiday. 

The most important thing that happened in March was Matty passed his Captains exam, which after working so hard I was super proud of him and hopefully means more adventures in the Summer as he won't be in college. 

March In Photos 
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