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5 Tips for Beginner Skiers

While I was skiing 2 weeks ago I was asked a few questions from people who had never skied before asking for advice, so here are my top 5 tips for beginners. 

1. You need to be fit. Having some form of fitness is really important and it is hard work skiing. 

2. Keep hydrated. All that sweating you're going to do you need to ensure you keep your water intake up (note how I didn't mention wine intake!) 

3. Take regular breaks. Skiing is hard work and is tiring so don't be afraid to take time out to recover after a 'run'. 

4. Invest in lessons. The best thing I've ever done is invest in private lessons. You get one on one time and get valuable advice. 

5. Don't forget to take in the seinery. You are skiing in possibly the most picturesque places in the world, take it all in. 

Most importantly, don't be afraid and trust your body. It takes me about a day to get over the fear but you quickly get into the rhythm. 

Have you ever thought about a ski holiday?

5 Tips for Beginner Skiers

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