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5 European Marathons I Want To Run

When I got the running bug almost 3 years ago my aim was to just finish the Great North Run (which is a half marathon) I never imagined that I'd fancy running a full 26.2 miles. But I do, so maybe as some inspiration for you and motivation for me, (albeit might be slightly premature) I thought I'd tell you the 5 marathons I'd really like to run.

London - As a British runner I feel like I need to get this marathon ticked off my list. I spent a lot of time in London when I was a little girl and some of the streets the marathon takes you down would give me a trip right down memory lane. It is notoriously difficult to get in via the ballot, I've been rejected twice now so fingers crossed I get in the ballot for 2019.  

Paris - Running through the city of love and seeing all the landmarks while on route. Starting at the Arc de Triomphe and passing the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame en route to the finish line. Also eating all the wine and cheese post race would keep me going to the end. (I think my parents would 100% come and support me at this run, mainly for the wine). 

Amsterdam - I've heard rumours that is marathon isn't the most iconic in Europe and you don't get to see that many landmarks on route. But I have heard the atmosphere is brilliant therefore it has made it on my list. 

Berlin - Knowing as a flat fast marathon (not that I'm sure any marathon can be classes as 'fast') and it's usually held in the last week of September which is my birthday!! I fell in love with Berlin when I visited last December and I imagine running around all the sights I saw would be brilliant. 

Valencia The marathon (fingers crossed) I'll complete in December. My first trip to Valencia was when I was learning how to run and they were preparing the city for the half marathon and after mentioning it to a colleague who lives there he told me I should do it! So I've signed up for this year. 

Outfit Details

Jackets - Nike 
Vest - Primark 
Leggings - Hunkemöller 
Trainers - Nike 

Have you ran any of the 5 I'd like too? Or have any others that you think should be on my list?  

5 European Marathons I Want To Run 

*The leggings were gifted to me. All opinions remain my own. 

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