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The Duchess Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury

I knew when I saw this lipstick appear on various social media channels it was a product I needed to get my hands on, for a few reasons. The colour is something I knew I'd really love. I haven't had a tea rose pink shade in forever, I knew Charlotte Tilbury will have nailed the creamy texture of the lipstick and the name was a massive selling point for me. 

Of course I'm talking about The Duchess lipstick Charlotte Tilbury has launched as part of her '3 lipsticks for a Queen' range which pays tribute to Her Majesty. 

My friends call me Duchess and I have no doubt Charlotte T knew this and named the shade after me, nothing to do with Kate Middleton at all

The Duchess comes in Charlottes K.I.S.S.I.N.G texture which leaves your lips feeling creamy, hydrated and soft. It gives your lips that perfect kissable pout with a slight gloss. 

The Duchess is a dusty pink shade and I find the lipstick is fairly long lasting. On the photos I am also wearing CT's lipliner in Pillow Talk, which I think is a must have in any make up fan's bag. It finished off the look and helps make my thinning top lip look that little bit fuller. 

Also in the collection is The Queen, a vibrant raspberry red and Legendary Queen, which is a stylish burgundy. I'm actually really temped to get Legendary Queen to add to my collection as the colour just looks incredible. 

I'm really pleased I picked up The Duchess lipstick, I 100% think I'll wear this lipstick will be a firm favourite for a long time. It's a good all rounder for a day time look then good for a night out with friends paired with a smokey eye. 

The lipsticks cost £24 each or £60 for all three and are exclusively available on Charlotte Tilbury's website. 

What do you think of the colour? 

The Duchess Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury 

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