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Gibside Night Run Review 2018

Saturday night was cold damp and drizzly. I'd managed a course PB at South Shields parkrun that morning so what else would I do that evening than run? 

I'd wanted to run the Gibsdie night run for 2 years previous but it always fell when I was sunning it up in the Caribbean. With no Caribbean escape this year at least I got a chance to take part in this years event. 

You are not allowed to run this race without a head torch. You won't be allowed to start the run without one as the course is pitch black and your head torch is the only source of light. 

Getting To The Start Line

There is ample parking at Gibside so there is no need to stress about that. 

Registration is in the Gibside Market place opened at 1730 and closed at 1845. Not wanted to be too keen we arrived at 1815 which gave us ample time to collect my number, see friends and get sorted. 

There is a cafe (that isn't dog friendly) which sells beer and wine and pizza is on sale from Gibside's resident baker. I got a pizza before the run as I was so hungry! I did get a few people ask me if it was a good idea to eat a pizza before a 6k run but the way I looked at it, I wasn't going to run flat out and it's better to have something in my belly than end up being hangry on route. 

I'd been advised to just wear my normal running shoes as apposed to my other shoe option of my trail trainers. I'm glad I stuck to normal trainers as the route was mainly on path apart from around 100 meters of extreme mud where I just walked and stuck to the outside of the route. 

The Route 

The start line felt a little congested and there were no pens to get in to sort out what time you may finish in. This then meant the first 1k I spent dodging pot holes and running past slower runners. Once the hills started it filter out and everything settled down. 

I'd heard Gibside was rather hilly and they weren't lying! The first 1.5 miles was basically up hill. I ran with my friend Jacquie and we decided early on to walk the hills. 

The second to last peak you see in the elevation graph felt like I was walking up a vertical hill! 

There are no water stations on route and there is no water offered at the end. I didn't actually take any with me and had major regret I had no water on the drive home so I won't be making that mistake again. 

The terrain on route was uneven in parts and is gravelly. I personally found it find but would advise you to watch your footing! 

Post Race

As soon as you cross the finish line you are given your goodie bag and I made my way back to the Market place to find Matty and Fenton. 

There is no timing for the event but I wore my Garmin and I finished in 49 minutes and 5 seconds. Which I was pretty pleased with as I did walk all of the hills and just ran the flat and downhill. 

Inside The Goody Bag 

There wasn't a great deal in the bag. As soon as I got my bag I immediately looked for the food, usually a chocolate bar or a small bag of sweets. I was rather disappointed when I realised there wasn't any. I made Matty stop at the shop on the way home and I grabbed some water and chocolate magic stars. 

At least the bag will come in useful for putting trainers in or wet kit! The buff will obviously come in real handy as I use these all the time during the winter, the medal will go with the rest of my cherished medals and as for the wrist band, I have zero idea what I'll do with that!  

Cost of entry was £14, which I thought was slightly on the more expensive side of a run but all the money raised goes back into doing essential maintenance at Gibside. 

Would I do it again? Only if my friends were doing it also. We had to rush off at the end of the race as Fenton wasn't feeling too great, I think he had caught a chill despite having his coat and jumper on! 

I think this run is perfect if you're a newby runner and want to get into organised events. There is also a 3k route if you fancy something shorter which is also open to children (as long as they are supervised). 

My next run is another head torch one down in Stockton this time on February 21st. Don't forget to keep up to date with all my runs you can follow me on instagram by searching @Runner_katiejane

Gibside Night Run Review 2018

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