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Breakfast Filmore & Union Jesmond

Filmore & Union have created a bit of a buzz around the North East recently serving healthy but delicious food to good people of Jesmond. Matty and I took a visit last week to have a tasty midweek breakfast. 

There is free on street parking on Acorn Road (where you will find Filmore & Union), but just double check the signs as Jesmond can be pretty confusing when trying to park a car. 

Inside Filmore & Union Jesmond

Tucked inside the quaint restaurant was a cosy dining area. While we were there plenty of breakfast meetings and friends catching up over coffee yet and we did feel over crowded. 

The decor is extremely instagramable exactly what the millennial's love. White tiles, little plants perfectly potted, made it super cosy and we all felt right at home. 

Dog Friendly

Your four legged friends are also welcome in Filmore & Union, which was great news for Fenton, as he wasn't left out. Fenton was also fussed over a lot. He laps up all the attention, then tends to have a nap when the food arrives. 

Breakfast Menu 

The menu was extensive with lots of tasty meals to order, such as gluten free winter spiced French toast with Greek yoghurt, plums and pistachio £10. There is a list of juices and smoothies as long as your arm to choose from. I'm not a coffee or a tea drinker (which always seems to shock people when they find this out) but I do love a good juice or smoothie. 

Matty of course went for a juice, he makes them a lot at home so I knew he'd be ordering one at Filmore & Union. I wasn't surprised when he ordered a Union Tonic, pineapple, lemon, orange, apple and strawberries £4, I'd go as far as to say it's his favourite kind of juice. Full of fruit. 

I opted for a Raw Choco smoothie, almond milk, raw cacao, raw cashew nuts, banana and agave syrup £4. This is very similar to my morning smoothie I have at home. I don't add the cashew nuts or the agave syrup, but I think it maybe something I start doing. 

I ordered my ideal morning breakfast, Free range scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast £7, with a side of smoked salmon £2.50 with an add on of avocado £2.50. 

It was the perfect size portion and was absolutely delicious! 

Matthew of course went for something a little more meaty. Filmore English Breakfast £12. Gluten free pork and herb sausages, smoked streaky bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, poached (or scrambled) eggs, served with toasted wholemeal bread. 

Matty wolfed down his breakfast in record time which meant I knew he was enjoying his meal. 

All three of us enjoyed our trip to Filmore & Union. I'd like to head back for lunch and try one of their wraps, salads and potentially a cake. 

If you have a NUS card you qualify for a massive 20% off your bill which is well worth knowing about. 

Where Else Can You Find Fimore & Union? 

If you live in Yorkshire or the North East, you're in luck, there's probably a Filmore & Union near you. 

York, Harrogate, Beverly, Wetherby, Moortown, Skipton, Ilkley, Redbick Mill, John Lewis York and soon John Lewis Newcastle. 

York train station & Newcastle train station where you can grab something tasty before your train. 

Wetherby & Harrogate also have a take out deli perfect for your lunch or get dinner to take home. 

Breakfast Filmore & Union Jesmond 

*I received breakfast at Fimore & Union complimentary. All opinions remain my own. 

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