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The Race's I've Ran In 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back to Katie Jane Online. To kick start this year of blogging I thought I'd take a look back at the races I ran last year. Might even give you inspiration. 

Brass Monkey Half Marathon - York 15th of January 

This was my third half marathon and the one I had a time in mind for. It was a cold but dry January day and I had my game face on. I ran the flat course with my good friends Mike and Katie. Mike had promised to stay with me and pace me around for a sub 2 hour 15 time. Well we smashed that. Katie left us at mile 10 and Mike and I ran together. We chatted all the way round and the last mile Mike really pushed me, if I was running on my own I would have given up and I ran in 2 hours and 8 minutes. I am still so happy about that time and so grateful that Mike stayed with me all the way. 

Ropner Park 10K - Stockton-on-Tees 22nd of January  

I actually arrived late to this race. 10 laps of Ropner park in Stockton, fairly flat with a minor hill. The other runners had set off and were on their first lap of Ropner park by the time I got my number on and dumped my coat, everyone had done one lap so it took me two laps to catch up. 

Blyth Valley 10k - Blyth 9th of April

This was my first race in 2016 so I had to do it again in 2017. A very flat 10k this year the sun was shining and was a wonderful run. I really enjoy this and I'm looking forward to taking part again this year. Brilliant race if you are chasing a time. 

North Tyneside 10k - North Shields 16th of April

I kind of entered this race on a whim. There were lot's of non club runners at this race. Started off at North Shields and finished at St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. It was rather congested at the start of the race and didn't even out till around 4 miles so I wouldn't recommend it for a PB but the finishers t-shirt was excellent. 

Neptune Relays - Sedgefield 26th of April

I took part with Durham parkrun's team and completed the 1.56mile route around Hardwich park in a team of 4 people. I ran first, basically you run as quick and as hard as you can. I'd just got home from Spain around 2 hours earlier so my legs were itching to run. The route is stunning and you get a chance to meet lots of other runners. 

Pier to Pier - South Shields 14th of May 

This was a new race for me as last year I was too injured to take part. You start off on the beach at South Shields and run along to Roker. It's around 7 miles overall running along the beautiful coast line. Once you arrive in Roker you finish on the beach, which is hard work but I loved it. The weather was stunning the sun shined all day and it was the first time I wore my new clubs running vest. It reminded me why being part of a club was so important to me. The cheers you get from people along the route really do keep you going. The goodie bag was pretty good too. 

Steelwork Relays - Consett 17th of May 

I'd never ran this before, again it was a relay and I was the second person of three to run. The 2.2 mile run was very scenic the weather was warm and the first mile I managed in 8.35 minutes and the second mile 12.10 minutes. The reason the second mile took me so long was because it was up the steepest hill ever. I was trying so hard to get up but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere. There was a man standing at half way cheering people and I said to him, "I'm pretty sure I'm going backwards". He assured me I wasn't and the top was close. Once the run was over it was back to Blackhill Comrades Club for the presentation and the best buffet! 

Raby Castle 10k - Raby 21st of May 

2016 year I did the 5k last year I decided up the distance. The 10k is basically just two laps of the 5k route around the grounds of Raby Castle. It is most certainly not flat but it defiantly is beautiful there is a medal and a cake waiting for you at the end. 

Edinburgh Half marathon - Edinburgh 28th of May

I acquired this number with only a few weeks to go before the race. I only managed one long training run so I didn't really have high hopes for a good time. The day was super hot (even though the race starts at 8am) I was running on my own, which I don't particularly like but I did actually really enjoy my own company for the 2 hours and 12 mins it took me to finish. I did the first 4 miles comfortably in 47 mins & 21 secs. So I was doing extremely well, saw my friend Katie who was going for a time and on target so that gave me a boost. Then at mile 5 the sun heated up, my left knee decided to randomly hurt. After decided to slow down slightly. At mile 11 my right calf was so tight I seriously thought of sitting down at the road side but I knew if I did that I would not get back up and a DNF (did not finish) would be far worse than whatever pain I was in. Seeing the finish line made me cry. I always get emotional when I manage to complete half marathons. I get overwhelmed with pride for myself which I know is ridiculous. I loved this race and it is defiantly one I would do again. 

Team Coco 5k - Durham 30th of May 

The first ever Team Coco 5k race around the beautiful Durham river banks. The weather was beautiful, the marshals were so friendly and encouraging. I think the medal was possibly the best medal I received all year. The best bit was the was a BBQ at the end of the race at Durham rowing club and the spread was amazing!! 

Blaydon Race - Newcastle 9th of June 

Easily the best race the North East does and I urge anyone who lives in the North East to run this at least once! 5.6 miles starting on Collingwood street and finishing up in Blaydon. Every year I say I'll be fitter next year and every year I fail to train. I found this run pretty hard, probably down to the heat and lack of training. 

Weetsdale Relays - Wideopen 21st of June

This was my first relay experience with my new club, South Shields Harriers. I didn't really know anyone or the people who I'd be in a team with. Luckily everyone was so friendly and it made me realise that I could push myself further with my running and maybe push my times to be faster. 

Anita Nott 5K memorial Race - Jesmond 26th of June 

This race is put on by the Heaton Harriers, ladies only race in memory of their Anita Nott, now I'd like to tell you how much I loved this beautiful race, but I'd been at a wedding the day before and I was so hungover, I was just glad to see the finish line. 

Bridges Of Tyne - Newcastle Quayside 4th of July 

A fantastic quick course if you're looking for a 5 mile pb. Out and back along the Newcastle quayside. The weather was terrible this year but a lot of supports still came out to cheer everyone along. The prize giving is at The Tyne Bar where there is a BBQ and of course a pretty good choice of drinks.  

Durham City 10k - 19th of July 

The second year of this tough 10k. Durham isn't flat so there are a few hills to get over. This year was pretty hot. There was a new route this year which made it less congested than it was in 2016. 

LGBT 5k - Newcastle Town Moor 21st of July 

The best 5k I've ever ran! It's pretty much is what it say's it is, 5k around the Town Moor, it was just the best Friday night run and it is the top of my list to enter in 2018! And it top it off Matty and I went to Cal's Own for pizza after. 

Nortumberland Costal Run 23rd of July 

The Sunday I ran the Northumberland Coastal was horrible, cold, grey and raining. The 14 mile run (it's only an estimated length) Luckily I ran with my friend Katie other wise the run would have been the worst run of my life. It was muddy and the wind battered me in all directions. I'm sure on a fine day it would have been a amazing scenic run. Thankfully Matty was waiting for me at the end, gave me a change of clothes and took me to get some chip shop chips and curry sauce! 

Kielder half marathon - 8th of October 

My second time I've ran this run and it is the most beautiful run I've ever ran. If you're in the North East and looking for a great half marathon I 100% recommend this one! It isn't as hilly as what you think but it's by no means flat. The best bit about this race is the WI tent at the end where there is every kind of cake you can imagine! Worth running 13.1 miles for! 

So far in 2018 I've entered, Brass Monkey half, Liverpool half, Kielder half and my first ever marathon which will be on December 2nd in Valencia! I'm thinking about doing a training log if you'd be interested in reading it please do let me know. 

As I've never ran a marathon before that is my goal for 2018, to just get around the 26.2 mile course and wear my medal! (I probably won't take it off till 2019!) 

I'd love to know what you've entered or if you've set yourself any fitness goals? 

The Race's I've Ran In 2017

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