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My Magnesium 30 Day Challenge With Better You

I'm sure you'll have noticed that I've up'd my fitness game a lot the start of this year. I've always loved running but a few things put me off to the end of last year to the point where I only ran 10 miles in 4 weeks. 

So with the mantra in mind 'start as you mean to go on' I've been going to the gym and running a lot more. I have a marathon at the end of the year and the training will start around August time so I want to be relatively fit when that all starts. 

I was asked by Better You to do a 30 day magnesium challenge. I have used Better You products in the past and found they worked really well so I'm looking forward to this challenge.

"Magnesium is a crucial mineral for both athletic performance, as well as overall health, however an estimated 70% off adults are thought to be magnesium deficient." - Better You.

I know in the past when I've used the magnesium oil goodnight spray it tingled my skin when I applied it the first few times. Which meant my magnesium levels were low. Hopefully at the end of the 30 days this won't happen anymore. 

There are many reasons why magnesium is beneficial for not just sports but also for general health. It helps increase energy, bone strength, normalise muscle function and maintain normal physical function.  

The product I'm really looking forward to trying out is the magnesium flakes for the bath. 

After running Brass Monkey half marathon at the weekend, as soon as I got home I poured myself a gin and ran a hot bath. Got Netflix on my laptop and watched a few episodes of Friends. I forgot just how soothing a bath can be. 

The body butter I think I'll use instead of my current body moisturiser. As this is already part of my daily routine I think this will be the easiest to switch up. I hope this will help with the doms after spinning. 

The magnesium recovery oil helps speed up recovery post exercise. On the Better You website it says apply morning and night to improve performance. As I'm using the body butter on a night I think the morning of my workout I'll use the spray. 

After running I honestly get the worst doms in my calfs and I can't wait to use this cool magnesium gel to help soothe them. I'm also going to put this in my race bag to apply straight after a race. Hopefully this will speed up my recovery. 

The challenge starts today. Follow my running instagram page @runner_katiejane for a weekly update on how I'm getting on. I'll report back in 30 days to see what works for me. 

My Magnesium 30 Day Challenge With Better You 

*I was sent the products for review proposes. All opinions remain my own. 

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