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The Customs House Panto Review 2017 South Shields The Lambton Worm

Last year I went to see the much talked about panto at The Customs House. So many people, including adults with no children told me that this was a panto not to miss. I enjoyed last year's so much I was super excited to see what they would do. 

I was not disappointed. 

This years performance, The Lambton Worm had a me on the edge of my seat and laughing out loud! 

Ray Spence, as well as writing and producing the panto, Ray Spence is also the fabulous Dame Bella Ballcock. He is such a brilliant actor, when things go ‘wrong’ or he forgets his words, I’m not sure if it’s 100% genuine but he really makes you feel that it is. He interacts with the audience well and had me laughing out loud at so many points during the show. 

David John Hopper makes his panto come back as Arbuthnot, the loveable son of Dame Bella Ballcock and usually the punch line of her jokes. Arbuthnot is hilarious and at one point in the panto I was worried about him, but still continued to laugh along with the audience. 

The ladies in the pantomime are just as awesome as the men. Eleanor Chaganis plays Princess Aneesa and is a phenomenal singer. The whole audience was hanging on to her every note. Steven Lee Hamilton is The Brave and Bold John Lambton, aka Prince Charming, who sweeps in and saves the day.  

Also making a come back is Natasha Haws as Susie the Soothsayer, who fits into her role fantastically. 

Of course every pantomime needs a villain, Georgia Nicholson plays Poison Pen and she is absolutely fantastic! She had her wickedness down to a Tee. 

And finally Cal Halbert as Lord Larry Lambton and Gareth Hunter as The Sultan were brilliant and really had me giggling. 

The Costums at The Lambton Worm were amazing as was the set, something that really makes a difference during a panto I found. All actors looked amazing and really made me think I’d missed out on my opportunity being on the big stage. 

The Lambton Worm runs until the 6th of January and if you're looking for a panto that is going to have the whole family laughing this is the one for you! For tickets visit The Customs House website

The Customs House Panto Review 2017 South Shields The Lambton Worm

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