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A Festive Dog Friendly Pub Crawl in Newcastle

Just before Matthew went back to work we decided to have a Christmas day out in Newcastle with Fenton. 

It was Remembrance Sunday (so a good few weeks back now) we wanted to see the parade and then hit a few bars after. 

Getting to Newcastle was easy, we all jumped on the Metro. Fenton sat on my knee the whole way and kept looking out the window. I'm pretty sure he loved his first Metro experience but he wasn't keen on making the jump from the train to the platform. Something we may need to work on. 

Once the parade had finished we went over to the winter pop up, Hadrian's Tipi on Pilgrim street, which is dog friendly till 10pm. We were the only people in the food area of Hadrian's Tipi as it was still pretty early which meant Fenton got to get used to his surroundings and settle in. 

As did me and Matty. 

Fenton started to shiver. He was wearing his Barbour coat and we were near a heater so I wasn't sure if he was cold or nervous so we wrapped him in his blanket which smelt of home, I thought that might help settle him and Matty cuddle him which calmed him down. 

It wasn't quite lunch time but as Matty and I are massive pizza lover's we had to try the Wood and Kindle pizza grabs £4. 100% buffalo mozzarella, baby tomato and basil. It was freshly made and was delicious! Defiantly worth the trip to Hadrian's Tipi for. 

After a few mulled ciders it was time to move to our next bar. 

BrewDog on Dean Street, I wasn't 100% sure if BrewDog was dog friendly (like the name would suggest) I popped in first to double check and the barman confirmed dogs were welcome. Once we had our drinks and picked a table, the bar tender brought over a dog bowl of water and offered Fenton some treats which I thought was a real nice touch. 

Fenton snuggled into me while Matty and I enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. 

Fenton really enjoyed his visit to BrewDog as he had a pretty good nap while Matty and I drank. All the staff were so friendly and happy to see him. I felt really welcome and knew Fenton was too. 

Our next stop, after a walk along the Quayside was to The Broad Chare. 

The dog friendly Gusto pub is the perfect place for a few bar snacks. 

The Broad Chare is part of the 21 hospitality group which also includes Cafe 21 and Porterhouse in Fenwick. 

I 100% recommend the cauliflower fritters with curried mayonnaise they are delicious, so much so we had 2 bowls of them. 

Matty also went for the famous scotch egg while I went for the quarter pint prawns in a shell.  

There is a wide range of beverages available so much so I was lost for choice. I managed to settle on a glass of dry white wine. 

All the staff at The Broad Chare were extremely welcoming towards Fenton. I think he loved all the attention he was getting as he was slightly reluctant to leave. 

Before we jumped on the metro and headed back to South Shields we popped back to Hadrian's Tipi to see my sister who was in town with her friend. 

We'd been out quite a few hours, as soon as we got on the metro and settled ourselves in I turned to see Fenton fast asleep snuggled into Matty. He clearly had a very busy day and was ready for a nap. 

Fenton is as good as gold when we take him out as soon as our food or drinks come he simply settles himself down and watches the world go by. 

Please keep sending me all your dog friendly recommendations. I'm looking to go for dinner with a friend on the Newcastle Quayside that is dog friendly, if you have any ideas please do send me a message on twitter @katiejaneonline

A Festive Dog Friendly Pub Crawl in Newcastle 

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