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The Marmalade Jar, Pop-up Cafe in Fenwick Newcastle

I've been dying to see the Fenwick Christmas department for so many weeks now. I finally got my chance on Friday. It didn't disappoint, the department was full of Christmas decorations, gifts, bits and bobs to get you prepared for the festive season. 

Tucked away in Fenwick's Christmas department on the second floor, is this years Pop-up cafe. Which of course mirrors Fenwick's Christmas window theme, Paddington. The Cafe is called, The Marmalade Jar. 

The restaurant had limited tables and was pretty busy when I first arrived, luckily there was no queue that I imagine would appear on a weekend. 

I got seated on a table with a very cute blue and white table clothe, was handed a menu and got choosing what I was going to have for lunch. 

The Christmas music was playing in the background, there was a fire behind me and a decorated Christmas tree to my right, I was feeling very festive indeed. 

On the menu was a lot of marmalade, the Children's menu even had marmalade sandwiches available which I thought would be sweet for any Paddington lover. 

I did feel a little bit like I was in a scene from a Paddington movie, the design of the cafe was adorable. 

For my explorers lunch I was for a warm goats cheese salad, cherve goat's cheese, panks crumb, green beans, pickled beetroot and a hazelnut dressing £8.95. 

It was was delicious and something I'll most certainly order again. 

There was also a table full of cake that didn't appear on the menu. 

How delicious does chocolate and marmalade cake sound? 

There was an amazing drinks list on offer too and I did see some of the Children's hot chocolate being drank, I have to say I was slightly jealous. There is also wine available for Paddington lover's over 18. 

If you're heading to Newcastle to watch the new Paddington movie it would be a real treat to head to Fenwick also to see the window and head to the cafe for cake and hot chocolate. 

Have you been to see the Paddington 2 yet? 

The Marmalade Jar, Pop-up Cafe in Fenwick Newcastle 

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