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The Launderette Newcastle - Cocktails and Carbs

I'm pretty sure by now, unless you've been living under a rock you'll have heard The Launderette has landed in Newcastle and it is the place to go if you're looking to over indulge. 

There has been a lot of hype around The Launderette opening in Newcastle and rightfully so. I went to check it out and yes, it's the most exciting launch happening in Newcastle right now. 

I was welcomed and asked which Cocktail I would like to order, there was far too many to choose from so I let the waitress decide for me. 

She brought me back a Soap Opera Gimlet, The Launderette's own gin, shaken with housemade lemongrass and chamomile cordial £9. So refreshing. 

The service at The Launderette was brilliant, you could tell everyone was really enjoying their shift and were more than happy to help you. 

This is The Launderette's third restaurant in the UK and I can see why the company chose to come to Newcastle after opening premises up in Manchester and Charlton. 

The tag line for The Launderette is 'Cocktails and Carbs' so I knew straight away it was going to become somewhere I would love. 

The atmosphere inside was great, music was pumping through the system, the bar was full of people out enjoying there Thursday night. 

You can find The Launderette in Newcastle on Westgate Road just opposite Vodka Revolution. 

I went there with a few other North East bloggers and we were served an absolute Carb feats. 

We were treated to delights such as, Tuna tartare, cured beetroot, quails egg and crostini £9.50, Buffalo mozzarella, beef tomatoes, pesto and basil pizza £8, sharing board of smoked cheese fondune, ventricina salami, prosciutto, bresaola, cured beetroot and garlic dough balls £16. 

During the evening we were showing what ingredients are in the Newcastle's very own, Toon Tipple Cocktail. It is kind of like an Espresso Martini, with a reduction of Dog, which to anyone not from the North East is Newcastle Brown Ale! I loved this cocktail and for sure will be ordering it again. 

I rounded off the evening with one final cocktail for the road. 

A Marshmallow Colada, kind of like your usual PiƱa Colada but with a nice marshmallow twist. Havana 3, Malibu, marshmallow syrup, coconut milk and pineapple £8.50. The perfect reminder of Summer. 

The Launderette is now top of my list of places in Newcastle to head for cocktails and I'm sure it will be somewhere at the top of your places to go for drinks too. 

Just a little tip for when you do head to The Launderette, make sure you're wearing stretchy trousers because you're not going to want to pass up on any of the food. 

See you at the bar!! 

The Launderette Newcastle - Cocktails and Carbs 

*I was invited to The Launderette in return for my post. All opinions remain my own. 

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