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My Barbour Coat, by Fenton

You'll probably have noticed the temperature has dropped, quite a bit. As my fur is rather fine and I'm pretty close to the floor, I do feel the cold a little bit more than your average dog. 

So a few weeks ago Mama took me to The Barbour shop to try a few coats on. I liked this one the best as it matches my Daddy's dog walking coat. As well as matching all my other doggy accessories. 

Last weekend I wore this coat a lot, in fact I've worn it every day since and I probably will have to wear it until the weather warms up, so it's a good job that it is comfortable. 

This is the Barbour waxed cotton dog coat, it is the signature Babour look with the cord collar, fleece lining and the waxed outer layer. To wear it, I simply place my head through the hole, slip my leg through and the velcro strap closes around my tummy which keeps the coat secure. 

There is a whole at the top of the coat underneath the collar where my Mama attaches the lead to my harness, I do have the matching Barbour harness so it all fits perfectly. 

The coat is waterproof, which is great for when it rains as it keeps my body nice and dry. However my legs still get really wet. Maybe Barbour could bring out some dog wellies to keep my paws dry. 

My coat does't restrict me from moving or doing any of my tricks. Which is just as well as I found out at the weekend I love playing by the sea. My coat did get very wet, as did I, but I put the coat on the radiator and it dried pretty quick and was ready for me to wear again the next day. 

The coat cost my parents £46.95 but I've found a similar Barbour one here for you that is slightly cheaper. I wear size small - just in case you're wondering. 

Hope you have a pawsome day, I'm off to get a milky bone from my Daddy. 

My Barbour Coat, by Fenton 

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