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Inside My Autumn Beauty Bag

I thought it was about time I updated you on what beauty products I've been loving over the last few weeks. 

This weekend I really felt the weather get colder. I've had to make sure I've had my coat and scarf with me whenever I've left the house so I'm going to take that as a sign that winter is officially coming. I've listed the products that are going to help me get through the cold months. 

Lush - Sleep body lotion 

Long time readers will know my troubles with sleep, so any product claiming to help with sleep I'm all over. I was a little skeptical claims to help you 'Sleep well after dipping into this dreamy lotion' I thought for the sake of £13.95. Now I have no evidence that this helps me sleep, it might all be physiological but over the last few weeks I have found myself sleeping deeper, also it smells of malt and lavender which is one of my favourite scents. I can't imagine my bedtime routine without this now. 

The Body Shop - Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Balm 

Ok let's take it back to 2014, I actually wrote a review on this cleansing balm here. As I am now on a saving mission for Christmas and all my cleansers ran out at the same time I needed a cheap alternative. Coming in at £10 this is a brilliant cleansing balm. I forgot how much I love it and it's back being a staple in my life. The constancy of this balm is seconded to none and I'll be 100% be repurchasing this when I need too. 

L'Oreal - Fine Flowers Gel Cream Wash 

This comes in at a whopping, £3.99, total bargain for the quality of product that you are getting. I use this as my second cleanse on an evening, the product glides gently on this skin and leaves your face feeling soft. It is such a good cleanser for under £4. I went back for a backup once I got half way thought my first bottle as I was worried there might be a shortage in boots as it was so good. 

Clarins - Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 

It's always this time of the year when my lips start to hurt me as they become extra dry. I've been slathering them in this Lip Oil from Clarins, £19. There were quite a few delicious flavours to pick from but I went for the Mint as it is blue and blue tones bring out the whiteness of your teeth. So I figured I'd go for that shade. It does really help my lips but I find the applicator can bring a lot of product out with it once you open it. So it can become quite messy. 

Charlotte Tilbury - Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask 

My love for this mask is incredible. To read my full review see here. It is incredibly pricey, coming in at £38. One to add to the Christmas list if you fancy a skincare treat. Even thought we're firmly in Autumn I amp up my fake tan application. This overnight mask helps with hydration and leaves you with a healthy glow come morning. 

Antipodes - Aura Manuka Honey Mask 

Since the weather has got slightly colder, my skin has become so dry, especially on my face, lips and hands. Helping my face stay hydrated has been Antipodes mask. I'd never heard of this brand but I picked this up in the Fenwick Beauty Corner in Newcastle. It's all organic and smells amazing, the scents of honey really come through. Often I pop a light covering of the mask over my eye area and leave it on over night so my skin soaks it up. 

I'm all set for the temperature to plummet, well my skin is. What beauty products are in your beauty bag this season? 

Inside My Autumn Beauty Bag 

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