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Dog Friendly on Seaburn Beach Sunderland

Saturday before last was one of those perfect Autumn days, blue skies, sun shining with a chill in the air. 

Once I'd finished South Shields parkrun, I went home to get ready and round up the troops, my sister Emily was staying, as was Alfie, with Matty and me. Matty had shown her the bars around South Shields the previous evening after the Newcastle Eagles game, so the pair of them were feeling slightly worse for wear. 

I told them all they needed some sea air and some food. You may have remembered a few weeks ago I went to Latimer's for the first time? I enjoyed my food there so much we went back. 

As we took both dogs with us we had to sit outside. It was pretty cold, but I wrapped up warm, gloves, hat scarf and an extra layer.

Latimer's was extremely busy, and there was a slight delay in the food coming but it was well worth the wait! 

Emily's first trip to Latimer's meant she went for garlic King Prawns with salad and chips £9.95. They were seriously garlicy and delicious! 

You know my love of crab, last time I was at Latimer's I went for crab. I went for it again! Classic crab and chips £9.95. Hand prepared local dressed crab with chunky chips, (obviously to dunk into your crab), with a salad on the side. 

Matty, who hates seafood, went for the Sailor's breakfast, (I find this hilarious as he is a Sailor!), 2 rashers of bacon, runny yolk, Lorne sausage square, haggis and baked beans £6.95. 

A table full of absolutely delicious food!

It was safe to say after our lunch we were feeling rather full, and the dogs had been so good whilst we were eating, they definitely deserved a walk along the beach. 

We tried to get a family photograph which didn't go exactly to plan! 

The boys had a great time playing together and with the other doggies on the beach. 

But never went too far away, as they didn't want to miss out on any treats! 

Fenton got pretty close to the water, whilst Alfie stayed well away. 

And then he went in! Matty had to take his coat off him, as it was soaking wet.  

It was so funny to watch, it was his first time he ventured into the sea. I was so glad he wasn't scared and he kept going back for more! 

Luckily, Matty had a spare towel in the back of the car, if not, Fenton would have been shivering all the way to our next stop. 

There was no way I was walking along the beach on a freezing cold day, without getting a hot chocolate. 

Emily called it winter ice cream, probably due to the amount whipped cream on top as well as the flake. But, the ice cream was well warmly welcome! 

I have to say, I'm really enjoying these cold walks with Fenton. Do you have any ideas where we should go next? Especially, places where we can walk and get food! Don't forget, I have a National Trust membership so all suggestions welcome. 

Dog Friendly on Seaburn Beach Sunderland 

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