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A Day In The Life Of Me, Fenton

Hello there, I'm sure you're all pretty sure who I am as my Mama likes to post about me a lot. But in case this is you're first time to KJO, my name is Fenton and I'm a maltese puppy and I'm 6 months old. 

I thought it was about time I wrote my first blog post, so we're going to start off with what I get up to in a day. 

Once I wake up I usually alert my Mama by shouting her name, I do this to let her know it is morning, kind of like a alarm clock. She then let's me out of my jail, although she calls it a crate and I pop my harness on and we go for a walk. 

On our walk I like to sniff everything, this is just so I know what is going on in my neighbourhood kind of like being a security guard.

Next it's time for breakfast. Delicious biscuits. I like to graze on these, means they last longer. Yummy yummy yummy. 

Now it's time for my Mama to go to work, we all pile in the car, I get strapped into my car seat and we head to my Grandma's house where she looks after me so I am not left on my own for too long. The reason I really love Grandma's house is because my best friend lives there. Alfie. He is my Grandma and Poppa's dog but I'm pretty sure you'll know him already from previous posts. 

While Mama is at work we play all day. On the odd occasion we do have a nap but this doesn't happen for long. Our favourite thing to do is play in the garden and chase the ball together. 

When I'm a little tired I climb into my jail aka crate and have a snooze. I feel safe in there also it gives my Grandma a chance to rest as she follows me around all the time trying to give me cuddles. She thinks I'm a baby or something, I keep telling her I'm 6 months old!! 

At around 5pm my Mama comes to Grandma's to pick me up. This is the time I get pretty hungry, so it's back in the car I go and we head back to the sea side where I live and have din dins. It's biscuits again, which is just as well because they are my favourite. 

Mama and I have a short walk to the small inclosure near to my house where we play chase with a ball. This pretty much tires me out, after playing with Alfie all day I'm really looking forward to bed time. 

We go back home where it's time for me to have my teeth brushed. Which I have a love hate relationship with. I love the chicken flavoured toothpaste but I'm not so keen on the brush. 

Mama and I go and have snuggles on the sofa where she pulls her laptop out and usually types - for ages. I just nap next to her so she has some company. 

Then it's outside for a final toilet spot before bed time. Where Mama turns Radio 2 on and I climb inside the jail again. I like to sleep with my crunchy newspaper and an antler. They keep me safe during the night. 

So that is what happens during a week day. Quite a busy day if you ask me. 

Did you enjoy my first blog post? I have another blog post coming soon so make sure you like my Mama's Facebook page to keep a look out for it. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily photos of me. 

A Day In The Life Of Me, Fenton

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