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Sunday Strolls at Gibside National Trust

Matty and I have had our National Trust membership for 8 months and this is only our second place we have been, shameful really. I have been bugging Matty to go to Gibside since we joined so I was very happy on Sunday when we finally got there. 

It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the crunch of the leaves underneath your boots was fresh. 

I didn't quite realise just how popular Gibside was until we got there. The car park was almost full (luckily we grabbed a space) and the overflow car park was almost over flowing.  

Of course we took Fenton along for our Sunday Stroll, he was more than welcome as long he remained on the lead. 

Lot's of Children kept running running up to us and asking if they could stroke Fenton, then their parents would follow sharply and ask Matty and I if their Children had asked to pet our dog. We smiled and said of course. 

The sky was a piercing colour of blue. The kind of sky you always hope for but rarely get.   

We were handed a map at the reception and decided to start off on the recommended loop and in the search of food.  

It seemed everywhere we turned there was something beautiful to look at. 

I loved how much Fenton was enjoying his Sunday walk, he was so excited seeing all the other dogs and getting lots of attention. 

As we hadn't had any lunch we were on the hunt for food. But sadly all hot food was stopped at half 2 so we had to make do with cake and hot chocolate, which was ok in my book. 

I throughly enjoyed my time at Gibside. I know Fenton did as he slept pretty much as soon as we got him home.  

Which National Trust should I head to next? Somewhere preferably dog friendly? 

Sunday Strolls at Gibside National Trust 

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