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Pooches Cafe - South Shields

I try and take Fenton everywhere, especially when Matty and I head out for food. Last week while Matty and I were on our lunch break we decided to go to Pooches Cafe in South Shields. As the name suggests dogs are more than welcome. 

Situated on Westoe Road, there is plenty of on street parking which is only a short walk to the cafe. 

Inside the cosy cafe I let Fenton off the lead so he could roam around and get to know his surroundings. 

I was so happy to see there were 3 menus to choose from, drinks menu, human menu and doggie menu. As Fenton is still a puppy I was a little unsure what food that was available that would be ok for his tummy.

Although Fenton was more than happy to browse the menu himself I did insist I choose his afternoon treat. 

^^^Waiting patiently for his treat. 

I ordered Fenton a Frozzys £1.75, a lickable yoghurt pot that is lactose free and perfect to cool him down as Fenton can easily get quite hot. 

Fenton absolutely loved his first Frozzys, as he didn't finish the pot I took it home and he ended up carrying it around the house. He clearly really enjoyed it. 

For the human food Matty had a homemade mince pie, 

And a homemade broccoli and cheese quiche £3.00 (this also comes with a salad if you wish).  

I know he thoroughly enjoyed both of his lunches as Matty has already been asking when can we go back. 

For my lunch, I went for my all time favourite, jacket potato with cheese and beans and a side salad £3.00. 

It was the perfect weekday lunch, the food didn't take long and everyone that works at Pooches Cafe is a huge dog lover so Fenton had plenty of people to fuss over him while Matty and I enjoyed our dinner in peace. 

There is also plenty of presents for your doggie friends that you can pick up there. I can imagine Fenton and Alfie will be getting a little treat here when Christmas comes around. 

And don't worry, your dogs are allowed to get cosy on the sofas. Pooches Cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. 

Don't forget to follow Fenton on Instagram and keep up to date with his whereabouts @theadventuresoffenton

Pooches Cafe - South Shields 

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