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Latimer's Seafood Cafe - Whitburn

I have been trying to get Matty to come to Latimer's with me since the summer. As he doesn't eat fish getting him there was proving rather difficult. 

After browsing the website and seeing that there were a few meat options available I managed to pursued him to go for lunch. 

We took Fenton along too so we sat outside where he was more than welcome and everyone came out to say hello to him. It made me think Latimer's would be the perfect destination with your dog after a beach walk. 

Matty and I had a good browse at the menu (although I had already decided what I was going to indulge in) we placed our food order at the counter inside.

I really thought the beach bucket we got our condiments in was so cute. I went for a peppermint tea as the weather was super cold when we were sat outside. Matty must be a little more hardcore than me as he went for a ginger beer.

Although it was lunch time and rather busy inside it really didn't take long for our food to come. The service was excellent. Even though we were seated outside we were never forgotten about and were asked a few times if everything was ok with our meal. 

The table was full of delicious food. 

Matty went for the Trawlerman's breakfast £9.95, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 runny yolk eggs, 2 Lorne square sausages, black pudding, haggis, baked beans, tomatoes with 2 slices of toast. One huge breakfast. Matty asked to switch his black pudding for another sausage and it was no problem to Latimer's.

I was so excited for my lunch. Crab sandwiches are my favourite, but it is so hard to find a decent  Crab sandwich, I think I have found the best Crab sandwich in the North East. 

The Latimer's local hand prepared Crab sandwich with white meat £13.95. There were also options for just brown meat £6.95 and white and brown meat £7.95, with white bread, brown bread or baguette. 

I drizzled my wedge of lemon over the Crab and it was perfect. To go with my Crab baguette I ordered some chunky chips £3. The perfect side dish in my opinion.  

Latimer's cafe is closed Monday's, open 8:30 am till 5:30 pm Tuesday to Thursday and Friday till Sunday 8 am till 6 pm. 

Attached to the cafe is a shop. Selling a wide variety of fresh fish, I couldn't leave without getting a seafood treat for my parents. 

All the fish is completely fresh and all caught from the North East Sea, you could even find the name of the boat that the catch came from if you wanted too. 

The fishmongers really knew their stuff. I was unsure what to buy so I explained what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend and they were really helpful. 

I went home with some prawns, dressed crab, half a lobster and some home smoked salmon. 

Paired it with a bottle of Puligny Montrachet and we added a few other bits and we had ourselves a feast. 

Next time I'll make sure we buy some french bread sticks too. 

I think I've managed to convince my Mam to get a Luxury Crab platter from Latimer's at Christmas. They look amazing check out their website

I'm planning on going back to Latimer's in the next few weeks to get some Crab meat and making a Crab pasta dish. Let me know if you'd like to see the recipe and I'll blog about it. 

Have you been to Latimer's before? I really want to go back to the cafe with my Mam and order one of their seafood platters to eat there and then. 

Latimer's Seafood Cafe - Whitburn 

*I was given a gift voucher from Latimer's to spend how I wished in return for a review. 

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