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Meet Fenton

On Bank holiday Sunday Matty and I went to pick up our new puppy, little Fenton. He is 4 months old and is a Maltese (the same breed as Alfie). 

We've been looking for a Maltese breeder for a good few months now, looking for the perfect breeder is honestly such a stressful thing. The first phone call I had with Fenton's breeder I knew I had hit the jackpot. 

He is so loveable and just wants to be close to you at all times. I was meant to go to Spain last Thursday but I've postponed my holiday till today so I can be with him a little longer before he goes to my Aunty's house for his holidays. 

He has been so good since we brought him home and I honestly love him so much. 

I'm sure there'll be lots more posts about him in the future. Also I'm all about dog friendly places now, cafes, pubs, restaurants and holidays. 

Fenton is already thinking about what his first blog post should be so if you have any suggestions please let him know. 

To follow him on instagram @theadventuresoffenton or on twitter @adv_of_fenton. He's getting quite good at using his paws to type. 

Also I have added a new label to my categories, The Adventures of Fenton, if I find anywhere that is dog friendly and we take him I shall add the post along with any of his own blog posts. 

Meet Fenton 

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