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How To Prepare For Your Puppy

Bringing home Fenton was a pretty scary yet exciting time. We only had 2 days to get prepared. I had a rough idea where to start but I've put together a blog post for you to make sure you don't miss anything. 

So you're about to bring your puppy home, what next? 

Puppy proof your home. 

This is so important, puppies like to chew, eat and lick anything they can, they are exploring and very inquisitive, remember everything is a new experience for them. Matty and I spent a whole day going around the house making sure there was nothing that Fenton could get his little paws on. Also they aren't 100% house trained, so they might have a few toilet accidents. I boxed up all my expensive shoes and bags to make sure he couldn't destroy them. 

Remember to check under your bed, we had a trip to the vets when Fenton learnt how to get under there and ate something he shouldn't. 

Go shopping. 

There is a long list of things you'll need, from puppy pads, treats to his lead. If this is the first puppy you're getting your going to need it all. We went to Barbour and bought most of Fenton's accessories from there such as his lead and beds then to Pets at Home for Fenton's toys and food. Don't forget your puppies id tag. Fenton has quite a few. On his Union Jack tag which is on his collar and then on his blue heart tag which is on his harness has my house number, postcode and my number. 

Find a vet. 

You need a good vet, we learnt the hard way with Alfie (my parents dog) and his first vet was awful and preformed a procedure on Alfie that he didn't need and has effected his whole life so it has left me so weary of vets. Ask other pet owners who they use and if they'd recommend them. Look online, give them a call you need to be confident with your vet. Vet's often offer puppy parties which gives puppies and new owners to socialise. I opted not to take Fenton. As I thought he'd have enough dogs within mine and Matty's family to be socialised enough. 

Get insurance. 

This is extremely important and the first thing you should look into. We got 4 weeks free with the Kennel club which was great as we have time to research into which insurance we want to go with. We have been recommend getting a lifetime cover to ensure Fenton is covered for any procedure throughout his life. 

Find the right food. 

Fenton had went through 2 brands of food before we found the right one. It is important that you get the right food for the breed of puppy you have. I asked the vets when we went for Fenton's first check up and then asked the sale assistant at Pets at Home who also had a maltese which is the same breed as Fenton. The annoying thing about dog foods is they don't sell sample bags of dog foods with a few days worth of food in for your puppy to try. You have to get a whole bag which can be very expensive. 

Plan for the future. 

Plan for things such as, who will look after your puppy if you go on holiday? Will you need to find a dog walker while you're at work? Are you going to neuter your puppy? Where will you have your dog groomed? 

Most importantly prepare to enjoy your future together, I can guarantee you're going to have a lot of fun.  

Is there anything I've missed out? Or anything else you'd like to know? You can find Fenton on Instagram and Twitter don't forget to give him a follow. 

How To Prepare For Your Puppy 

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