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Gregg's Balanced Choice - Battle of the Summer Salads

There is definitely an Autumn chill in the air but I'm not quite ready for summer to be over. 

So last week I put some well known pre packed Summer salads to a taste test at lunch time. When I'm working, lunch is something I really look forward too, usually I grab either a Gregg's cheese and onion pasty or a pre made salad. 

Gregg's got in touch and asked me to put a battle of the salads together, the results are in. 

All the salads are suitable for vegetarians and will be rated out of 5, 1 being the poorest, 5 being the best. 

Pret a Manger

On Monday I had Pret a Manger - sweet potato falafel and smashed beets veggie box.

Inside the box was turmeric and sweet potato falafel, smashed beetroot humous, avocado, broccoli, pomegranate seeds and edamame beans on a bed of brown rice and red quinoa. With a pot of zingy green dressing. I ended up scrapping the sauce pot with a bit of avocado as it was that good. 

Nutritionally it had everything you needed the salad was 334 calories but you need to add 52 calories for the sauce. So altogether 386 calories which is pretty good if your calorie counting (not something I tend to do).  

This salad is also suitable for vegans. 

You could tell this salad was pretty fresh and was very tasty, I'd have this salad again for my lunch. 

Cost, £4.50  



Tuesday called for a trip to Starbucks to try one of their new salad bowls. Not somewhere I would usually go for lunch so I was looking forward to what was on offer. 

Grilled veg and grain salad bowl. 

At 247 calories this salad was delicious, the sauce had a hint of spice and all the veg gave a good crunch. 

Inside the bowl was a chimmichurri dressing, complete with shredded carrots, pea shoots, sugar snaps, chargrilled broccoli, corn, chargrilled red peppers, roasted pumpkin seeds and wild rice.

This salad bowl is also suitable for vegans. 

Cost £4.99, more than I would normally spend on my lunch but it was 100% worth it. 


Marks and Spencer 

M & S is somewhere I do usually go for lunch, especially if I am on the road as they have good selection of lunches. 

I picked up a falafel and bulgar wheat salad with a spiced hummus dip.

The thing I like about M&S is there nutritional information is quite clearly seen on the packaging of their food. At 375 calories it's still pretty low. 

The salad did taste pretty fresh but I fear that without the tomatoes it be rather tasteless. The tomatoes gave a real burst of flavour.

Cost, £3.30



Next up we have Boots, which is somewhere I would never think to go to for lunch. 

The carrot and coriander falafel salad with a pot of mint dressing. I liked how there was already a fork inside the salad as I've been known to forget to get culturally and ended up eating a salad with my fingers, not very nice. 

This salad was the least fresh from all I'd ate last week, it is not something I would go and buy again. 

There was lots of vegetables packed in the salad, also the nutritional information was on the front of the packaging which made it easy to see and was super simple to understand. 260 calories in the salad so it makes it the lowest calorie salad. 

Cost, £2.75 



Friday I headed to Gregg's. I often go in at lunch time and get a cheese and onion pasty as they are quite simply my favourite, probably along with their jam doughnuts. 

The reason I left Gregg's to so late on in the week as I kept popping into different Gregg's to try and find their falafel salad, (which I have had before and is delicious) but the lady at Team Valley shop told me that sadly it is no longer available, so it meant the only option for me was the cheese, tomato and basil pasta salad. 

Gregg's have made it really easy to find their healthy options as they are all in the green section of their fridges. Only 328 calories within the salad. 

Also comes attached with cutlery, the packaging was simple not a great deal of waste.  

The salad was fresh, the spinach had a great crunch, sadly there was no taste to the pasta. 

Cost, £2.85


Gregg's offer so much more on the Balanced Choices menu, the porridge is really good and I often pick this up if I am out the house early on a morning and don't have time for breakfast. 

Overall my salad round up went, Starbucks, Pret, M&S, Greeg's then Boots. 

Gregg's Balanced Choice - Battle of the Summer Salads

*The post is in collaboration with Gregg's 

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