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15 Thing's I Learnt When I Got a Puppy

I can't believe Fenton has been with us for one month come Sunday. He has changed my life in so many ways, but I thought I'd put together somethings I've learnt since I brought him home. 

1. They cost a lot of money. I knew that having a pet wasn't cheap but wow, from his food to his harness. I've actually spend more money on Fenton's food this week than I have my own. 

2. You will end up pulling all kinds out his mouth. Fenton is exactly like a baby, he explores a lot by putting things in his mouth and trying to eat them. His favourite thing is leaves and the worst thing I've pulled out is a cigarette end. I'm dreading it if he picks up a dead animal. 

3. Sleepless nights aren't just for when you have a baby, oh no. Fenton was great at sleeping in his create the first 3 nights we had him home but then he began to cry a lot through the night. I refused to go and get him out and left him which resulted in a few nights where neither of us got much sleep. 

4. Routine is key. I trained as a childcare worker when I left school and it was drilled into us that babies need routine, Fenton needs routine also. He has set walking times and set meal times, which makes life easier for the both of us. 

5. You end up cleaning a lot of wee. Fenton is semi house trained, he does most of his business outside, but sometimes he likes to test me. We can go for a nice long walk, with lots of wee wee stops but once we're home he just likes to wee on the carpet. 

6. You need to know all the dog friendly pubs and restaurants. I've made a list on my phone of all the dog friendly places that Fenton can go too, I hate leaving him at home. 

7. Clear some space on your phone because you're going to take a lot of pictures. My whole camera roll is now dedicated to Fenton. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen (I'm biased) so every time he looks at me I need to take a photo of it. 

8. Your pockets will become full of poo bags. The most embarrassing thing is when you're at a pub trying to get your money out and they just fly all over. 

9. Forget about carrying anything for you in your handbag, it's all about your puppy now. I have everything Fenton may need in my Louis Vuitton never full. 

10. You'll get no where quickly because everyone wants to see your new puppy. Which is completely understandable they are gorgeous. 

11. Forget popping to the shops, you have to make sure your puppy has had a wee wee and got enough water in his create, all his toys are in there to keep him company while you're out. 

12. Teething is a real thing. Poor Fenton is teething at the moment which means my hand is a chew toy. I repeatedly replace it with a chew toy, but my fingers must be tastier to chew. 

13. You will get a brand new shadow. Fenton likes to follow me around the house, if I leave the room to go to the loo he'll poke his little head around the door to double check you haven't left him for good. 

14. Get used to worrying all the time. My puppy seems to be a bit of a daredevil, he bumps his head, jumps from the highest part of the sofa and got up to the largest noisiest dog on the beach but nothing seems to phase him. Doesn't stop me worrying about him though. 

15. Your best friend will always be happy to see you. My favourite thing is on a morning when I get him out of his crate, he is just so excited and wants to give me all the cuddles, which is the best feeling in the world. 

He might be hard work but I honestly wouldn't change him for the world. What have you learnt from getting your first pet?

15 Thing's I Learnt When I Got a Puppy

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