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10 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Autunm

Today officially marks the first day of Autumn. There are lots of things I'm looking forward too so I thought I'd write a few of them down. 

1. Candles, I am so excited it's now candle season. I love snuggling up on an evening and lighting a few candles, it makes the room so cosy. 

2. Great British Bake Off, yes it's in full swing and it totally makes me feel all Autumnal. 

3. Wrapping up warm and going for walks along the beach with Fenton. Since Fenton has came in mine and Matty's life we love taking him for walks. Although as he can only walk so far we do end up carrying him the rest of the way. 

4. Hot chocolates, with whipped cream and marshmallows. Preferably when it's a little frosty outside. 

5. Decorating the house to make it all look spooky for Halloween. As Christmas is still too far away, I'm looking forward to putting my pumpkins out. 

6. Dark nights, I know dark nights aren't everyones cup of tea but I've always really enjoyed them. They remind me of being at School and our last lesson would start at 5pm and we would have to move around the school in the pitch black. It was all very exciting for a 13 year old. 

7. Jumpers and scarfs, I love a good jumper and scarf combo. 

8. Log fires, my parents have a wonderful log fire and I love it when my Dad lights it. The whole house gets this beautiful aroma and it feels so warm. 

9. Bonfire night, this is easily my favourite night of the year, getting all cosy under layers of clothes then heading out the watch the night sky light up. I love this evening. 

10. Of course my last one had to be getting excited for Christmas, I usually start my shopping this time of year and I can't wait to get fully into the Christmas spirit. 

I'd love to hear what you're excited about coming up in the next few months. 

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10 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Autumn 

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