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Park Foot Campsite - Pooley Bridge Ullswater

On Friday I went to my first campsite. I've been wild camping and camped with the cadets all while I was at school. The wild camping was enough to put me off for life, I remember going down the stream to brush my teeth wonder why my parents would ever send me on a school trip like this. I vowed after that to never go camping again. 

Then I met Matty who is really into camping, I got drunk at a friends wedding and agreed to go camping with his friends with a promise that we would roast marshmallows. (No marshmallows were roasted at the weekend). 

I took no part in picking which campsite we were going too so as soon as I was informed I was going to Park Foot I was straight on google trying to find every little detail out. 

Firstly, it was super easy to get too. It took us around 2 hours from South Shields that included a stop off at Asda to get all the essentials such as gin, vodka and crisps. 

To tell you the truth, I didn't really know what to expect, we arrived, checked in, met our friends that had arrived at the campsite earlier and started to set up our tent. 

The view out of our tent were amazing and Ullswater lake was truly stunning. We pitched up in the field which was across the road from the reception, as there were 8 of us with 4 tents we kind of pitched them up in a circle leaving enough room in the middle for our communal area where our table and chairs went. 

At Park Foot there are 4 fields that you can camp in, a caravan site and log cabins, it was much bigger than I imagined and it's hard to describe. As it was the summer holidays there seemed to be more children there than adults. There was a play park that had a wicked swing in sadly the children were hogging it so I didn't get a turn. 

There was so much to do at Park Foot, along with a bar and restuarnt which had children entertainment, there was a games room, bikes for hire, horse riding, sailing, fishing and tennis. Next to the reception come club house there was also a take away. 

The take away did pizza, chips, flat breads, fish and chips. We went to the take away on the second night where I had a vegetable pizza which was £7.50 and cheesy chips that I think were £2.95. One of my friends ordered fish and chips and it was nothing like what we expected. It was breaded fish which I had a sneaking suppision was from the freezer. 

There was a shop on site that was well and truly fully stock of everything you may ever need camping - apart from alcohol. Every morning Matty went to the shop and got me two freshly baked chocolate croissants for my breakfast. They were delicious and a welcomed treat. 

Poorley Bridge is a 10 minute walk away from the campsite along the path by the lake, probably quicker if you don't stop and take photos every minute. In Poorley Bridge there are 3 pubs, some touristy shops, a post office (where you can withdraw money) and an off licence that had the best spirit collection I've ever seen but it also sold tonic, fruit, meats and other things you may need while camping. We ate at The Sun Inn on the first evening stopped for drinks at The Pooley Bridge Inn on the way home and then had some drinks at The Crown inn on the second day. 

A 15 minute walk from Park Foot will take you straight to the Ullswater Steamers £14.20 for a return ticket will take you to Glenridding which took just over an hour, we did this on our second day. Plenty of pubs and walks to do there. It was a lovely journey there and back. The waters were calm and the scenery was incredible.  

At the campsite there was plenty of room for outdoor games, we made a human pyramid and took my frisbee. I saw people setting up mini tennis courts, playing football and bowls.  

About a 5 minute walk from our tent there was a toilet block, there were around 6 outdoor sinks for washing pots and pans, inside the ladies there was 5 showers, 20p got you 6 minutes of warm water, around 6 loos, 4 sinks, 2 washrooms and a baby changing area. 

Overall I would go back to Park Foot campsite but next time I'd like to be closer to the clubhouse/reception and preferably go maybe when it wasn't school holidays when it might be a little quieter. 

You can see my camping vlogs on my Youtube channel. 

Park Foot Campsite - Poorley Bridge Ullswat

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