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Newcastle In The Sky

Yesterday I had a pretty unique dining experience. 

I ate my lunch 100 feet in the air, thanks to Events in the Sky. 

When I arrived at the Sage on Gateshead quayside and I checked in, I handed my bag over to be kept safe while I was up in the air having my lunch. I was treated to a glass of champagne to settle and pre flight nerves I may have had. 

To be honest, I was just so excited to do something I've never done before. 

My dining experience was with Reds True Barbecue who have a restaurant in Newcastle. Which I was slightly concerned about due to the fact their saying on their website says "Let there be meat", I don't eat meat. But I needn't of worried at all. 

Once everything was ready we were taken from the marque and given a small healthy and safety talk. 

Then it was time to take our seats. Someone kindly came around and strapped us in, 3 seat belts kept us safe and ensured we were secured in. I was served an absolutely delicious halloumi burger. 

The chefs and waiters are safely strapped to the work stations but are able to reach anything you may need, more drinks, not a problem. It was just like being at a restaurant but in the sky. 

There was a selection of Reds sauces on offer, I tired some Judas Ketchup which I dipped my burger in. It was delicious. 

Meat eaters ate a delicious mixture of barbecue cooked meats. 

While our food was being severed we were slowly taken 100 feet above the air, you couldn't really feel it and I was too busy enjoying my food but once we were at the top - the views were breath taking. 

This is one of my favourite photos I took while I was above the clouds. I love the Millennium bridge. 

The table spun so everyone of the table got a good view of the surroundings. 

This is one photograph I didn't show my Mam.  

My feet dangling. I did feel 100% safe, my chair did spin so I could take it all in, there was a ledge to perch my feet on so they weren't dangling free. 

I do get quite cold pretty easily, I blame this on growing up in a house that had an Aga. So I did make sure I was wrapped up pretty warm, wearing my boots, jeans, a vest and a fleece and I was warm enough. I did have my hair down, but clipped it back to make sure I could keep it away from getting in my eyes and food as much as possible. 

As soon as we were up and I had just managed to gain the confidence to spin around in my chair it seemed we were making our way back down. It seemed to take seconds to get up and down and before I knew it I was getting unclipped from my seat. 

So if you fancy doing this yourself, which I strongly recommend you do. You're still in with a chance. With chefs from, Browns, SIX, Aveika, Hawthorns, Chaophraya, Artisan, La Yuan, The Vermont Hotel, as well as Reds there is something for everyone. Along with Evening Cocktails from The Gin Bar and Livello. 

Breakfast in the sky - 8:30 till 9am then again 9:30 till 10am 

Lunch in the sky - 12:30 till 1:15 and then 2pm till 2:15 

Champagne high tea - 3:30 till 4pm then again 4:30 till 5pm 

BBQ in the sky - 3:30 till 4pm then again 4:30 till 5pm 

Dinner in the sky - 6:30 till 7:30 then again 8:15 till 9:15 

Cocktails in the sky - 9:45 till 10:15 

Flights run from the 24th of August till the 29th. Prices for tickets start from £50pp and go up to £150pp and tickets are available from Events In The Sky website. 

Events in the sky offer such a special dining experience I urge you to try this while it takes residence in Newcastle. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.   

Newcastle In The Sky 

*I was invited to Newcastle in the sky as a guest. All opinions are my own. 

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