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IAAF World Champions Saturday 12th of August

This was simply the best day ever. 

So last Saturday I went to the penultimate day of the IAAF World Champions. One of my biggest regrets was not getting tickets to the Olympics when they came to London back in 2012 so when my friends suggested last June we go for tickets for the World Champs I wasn't going to turn it down. 

Arriving at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park stadium was incredible. There were so many people.

When we got to our seats I was honestly completely blown away. We were so close to the tack - I could see everything so well. 

At 1730 the games officially started with the javelin throw of the Decathlon group A swiftly followed by the javelin throw of the Decathlon group B. These guys were right in front of us. The best bit about this event were the remote control pick up trucks bringing the javelins back to the athletes. Two men were in charge of this job. 

Come 1905 it was time for the final of the women's high jump. I was so excited to see Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Morgan Lake give it their all. They were at the other end of the stadium. Although I could see them they were slightly out of my eye reach. Next time I'd definitely take binoculars. 

^^^In this photo you can see the 5000metre runners, the high jump on the screen and the javelin throwers. It was all going on at once. 

One event that I was so excited for was the women's 100 metre hurdles. As no Team GB were taking part I was supporting our friends down under, Australia. Sally Peason. Injured during the Olympics but fighting fit for the World Champs, she smashed it and came in 1st place. 

Now if I thought the Decathlon guys were throwing the Javelin far I couldn't believe it when I saw the final for the javelin throw. They were throwing it for what seemed like forever. I was glad that I was sat behind where they were throwing.

I was having the best time at the stadium the only thing that I would say was a bit naff was the food and the price. I know we were in London and everything is way more expensive than up North but it was £5.50 for a bottle of Heineken! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price list. 

Next up was the event everyone was waiting for, the mens 5000 meter final and Mo Farah's last event of this kind. You'll still see him run the GNR in September and I'm sure he'll not completely disappear from the sporting world. When the gun went off for this event at 20:20 the crowd went wild, it was incredible. The mad thing was that the Javelin event was still taking place, so while the runners were running around the track the men were running across it to throw their Javelin. When Mo and Andy Butchart ran past us we were screaming encouragement at them. Telling them, "don't to give up" and "keep going". The atmosphere was electric. Once we heard the final bell ring for the final lap I've never seen men run so fast in all my life. It was like a fire was lit inside them and the sprinted off, I was in awe at them as I don't think I'd have the energy left in me to sprint for one full lap of the track. Seeing Mo come in second was unbelievable and something that I will never forget.  

As I was so excited I completely missed the 1500 metre final of the mens Decathlon final! So this only left the 4x100 relays. Something I used to love at school. 

First up were the ladies and it seemed as soon as they set off they were finished. Absolute lightening speed. I couldn't believe these 4 young ladies were the same age as me. They were such an inspiration. I loved their reaction when it was announced they had come second, second best in the world, what a feeling that must be. They came straight over to where we were sitting and their faces were so happy I almost cried for joy. 

Then it was the mens turn. 

You could tell they were there to win. They were focused, ready to sprint as quick as they can

Would I do it again? Without a shadow of a doubt, August 12th 2017 - you were the best day ever! 

IAAF World Champions Sunday 12th of August

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