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Breakfast at Happy Organic - Cleadon

Last Saturday I had finally to do something that I thought was never going to come, I had managed to break the 30 minute time at South Shields parkrun, in fact I managed a sub 29 minute time so I was pretty pleased with myself. 

To celebrate Matty took me to Happy Organic in Cleadon, a few weeks ago he brought me home a panini from Happy Organic which was delicious so I was excited to try their breakfasts. 

There is free street parking just opposite Happy Organic where you can leave your car for one hour. Which was just the right time for us to grab some breakfast. 

Matty and I found a cosy corner where we sat down and browsed the menu. As it was after lunch time (but we still wanted breakfast) Happy Organic was fairly quite with just a few other couples in. 

Although there were plenty of staff it seemed you had to order at the counter, so I got up and went to place our order. 

On the wall in Happy Organic there was a sign that said 'Let food be your medicine'. I'm a firm believer in how food really plays a massive part in your health and wellbeing. 

First to come were our smoothies. 

Matty went for Strawberry Fields £4.25. Packed with strawberries, banana, strawberry powder and coconut. 

I went for a Protein pow wow £4. The protein shake was made up of, banana, spinach, almond milk and chocolate protein. I needed to add some ice to it as it was served pretty warm for me. 

There was a short wait and our breakfast arrived. 

I opted for the Veggie breakfast £7.50, poached eggs, mushrooms, roasted tomato, spinach with mixed seeds, beans, sweet potato wedges, and a slice of toast. The breakfast was absolutely delicious, it was just what I needed. 

Matty went for the Happy breakfast £8.00, poached eggs, roast tomato, beans, sausage, bacon, mushroom and toast. 

At Happy Organic there were also a range of foods, vitamins and supplements to buy so you can stock up on all your healthy supplies. 

You can find Happy Organic on the Front Street in Cleadon opposite Romanos restaurant and is open Monday till Thursday 9am till 6pm, Friday 9am till 4pm then reopening again at 5pm till 6pm, Saturday 9am till 6pm and then on Sunday 10am till 4pm. 

Breakfast at Happy Organic - Cleadon 

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