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Three Things I Love About South Shields

On of the good things about going out with a Sandancer is spending lots of time in South Shields. 

Fish and Chips 

Quite literally having the best fish and chip shop on your door step, Colmans. I have wrote about them before if you want to see that post, just make sure you're not hungry, because it's guaranteed to make you want some fish and chips. Colmans has won that many awards I'd be here all day listing them. 

Walks along the beach

Walking along the beach on a summers evening is amazing. When it's warm it's exactly like being on holiday. I love watching all the birds waddling around about to take off, dogs going for walks along the beach and playing frisbee. My new favourite game to play on the beach. 

Ice Cream 

Being surrounded by ice cream places. My two favourites are Scoop and Bean (middle picture) and Minchellas (the other two photos). Ice cream is quite literally my favourite food group. And if you don't think ice cream is a food group I'm not 100% sure we can be friends. All joking aside, the ice cream is brilliant. 

The best bit about spending time here is you can do all three things in one go, walk to the beach, get fish and chips and ice cream for pudding. Sounds like the perfect day to me. 

If you've been to South Shields I'd love to hear what your favourite thing to do is? 

Three Things I Love About South Shields 

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