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Take A Peak Inside My Radley Bag

Last Saturday I headed to Dalton Park to the Radley Store there for the first ever personalisation event.

This was my first trip to Radley at Dalton Park and I was surprised by all the smaller accessories they stocked, such as, purses, umbrellas and watches. A good place to pick up some Christmas presents. 

The majority of handbags had up to 30% off but the discount goes up to 50% off so you really can get yourself a bargain. 

If you spent over £75 in store you got a free charm that you could have personalised how you wished. My bag The Sandham, originally was £185 but was marked down to £111. 

For my personalised charm I had to get my initials on, anyone who has watched 'My Handbag Collection' video will know I love anything personalised with my initials. 

Although I've done a 'What's In My Bag' video before I've never actually done a blog post. 

iPhone, I'm probably due an update as my phone keeps crashing.

Kindle, any opportunity I get to read a page of my book I whip my kindle out. I'm currently reading Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince. 

Purse, naturally this is always in my bag. Stuffed full not of money but all the loyalty cards from various shops.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, This is hands down my favourite lip care, without this my lips would be so dry.  

Camera, I'm a blogger and any given opportunity is an opportunity for an Instagram. 

Business cards, I carry them both for my job and my blog. When I tell people about my blog it's nice to hand them a card with my website on rather than jotting it down on a scrap bit of paper.

Lipsticks, honestly I must always have at least 4 lip products in my bag. Which more often than not come in super handy, if I'm in a rush and don't have time to grab a lipstick at least I know there is a selection in my bag.

Sunglasses, countary to popular belief, it's summer. Granted mother nature has forgot to send the weather our way but I like them have a pair of sunnies on hand.

Perfume, I like to smell good, I always have the odd perfume sample hanging around my bag. I often shop at Jo Malone and they give you samples which are perfect for handbag size to top up throughout the day. 

Keys, I am hopeless with keys, leaving them in the house, loosing them, so it's always safe that once I've locked my car and let myself in the house I put them straight back in my handbag for safe keeping. 

What random things you have in your bag? Do you have lots of lipsticks in your bag like me? 

Take A Peak Inside My Radley Bag 

*I was given a voucher towards my bag, I paid for the rest of the bag myself. 

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