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LGBT 5K Newcastle Frontrunners

Friday night I went to the Town Moor to take part in the 6th LGBT 5K. I'd heard a lot of good things about this sell out race, mainly about how good the goodie bag is. 

I arrived at Wylam Brewery slightly rushed, thankfully one of my friends had picked my race number up for me so I pined it to my vest and had 5 minutes to prepare for what was to come. 

The atmosphere was vibrant, music was playing, there were some cracking fancy dress costumes like Bill & Ben the flower pot men and I've never seen so many police at a running event. 

The race started at 6:45pm, the sun was shining and everyone was in a good mood. 

There were pens that you put yourself in, I went with my friends in the 34 - 40 minute zone, we didn't hear the gun go off but we did see the mass of runners in front of us move so we knew the race had begun. 

It was chip timed so I wasn't too rushed to get my feet across the line. The course was flat and if you're looking for a 5K PB this is a good one to mark down in your race diary. 

I ran with my friends for the first 1K then I set off on my own to finish the last 4K on my own. At mile 1.8 I found my friend Joanne and we finished the race together. Just after we got together a cow came out of no where, I got the shock of my life, I had no idea there were cows on the Town Moor. 

There was a water station on route to the end too, which is unusual for a 5K as I wasn't going for a time Joanne and I stopped had a cup of water and a little chat to the marshals about Gin, obviously. 

Coming to the end I got my sprint finish out and ran to the end. 

Collected my goodie bag, handed my medal, a bottle of water and a banana the running hunger hit. So I suggested to Matty we head to one of our favourite restaurants near by. 

So we said our good byes and made our way back to Jesmond where we had left the car. 

And of course we headed to Cal's Own, where we ordered our favourite pizza and chips. 

I 100% will do the LGBT 5K again next year. Well done to Newcastle Frontrunners for putting on such a fantastic event. My first of three from the weekend. 

LGBT 5K Newcastle Frontrunners

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