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How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation

I hate running in the summer. It's too hot, most of the routes I go on are off road which I hate and it's sticky. Give me a cold November night any day. I've kind of lost my running mojo over the last few weeks but I have a few races coming up which I'd like to get a particularly time for so I'm just going to have to suck it up and get running over the next few weeks.  

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your fitness motivation when all you really want to do is stay at home. 

Dress to impress There's no denying it, dressing in some nice fitness clothes always makes me want to go and workout. If I'm outside running with friends I like to wear a finishers t-shirt from a race I have finished as it makes me feel proud and like I can actually run. In the gym I like to wear fancy gym kit from Sweaty Betty, Nike or New Balance. It's kind of like that saying 'dress for the job you want'. 

Make a date Running or working out with friends is 100% better than doing it on your own. I can just about manage a 5k on my own but that's it. Arranging to meet a friend for a run you are more likely to stick to it. Running a mile with a friend is always better. Booking into a class always seems to push me to go. I feel like I've made a commitment. 

Write it down - I like to write my workouts down the weekend before. So I know what I am doing. If I am heading out with friends on an evening I try and get a workout in before work. 

Data - I use my Garmin to keep track on my runs and my fitbit to log my gym routines. Comparing with friends is a good way to motivate me. Now I only run for myself and don't want to chase anyone down but it's a fun way to see who has been racking up the miles during the week. 

Inspirational books - When I'm not running I really like to read books about running. Running Like a Girl is my favourite book I have read so far I've got the rest to finish (I'm a slow reader). 

Set a future goal - Like me, I have a goal in mind for a few months time. This is going to be my main motivation. I often forget what races I have entered so I have started marking them down in my diary on how many weeks there is to a certain race to remind me that I am on official 'race count down'. 

Music and podcasts Now I'm not a massive fan of listening to music while out running as I like to chat to my friends, but when I'm in the gym, that's another story. I like to make playlists for different genres of music. There's all kinds from a musical playlist full of sounds from Hamilton, Wicked and The Book of Mormon to a playlist called Gansta Chic with Jay Z, Kanye West and Beyonce on it. Something for every kind of mood I'm in. Podcasts are something I've just got into recently, I love murder mysteries, Serial and S Town are my favourites. 

I'd love to hear your ideas for on how to stay motivated? 

How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation

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